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    Percentage of players with tier pieces......

    I was just wondering what the percentage of players with a 4 piece bonus is compared to WOTLK.

    I understand that I am horribly unlucky with RNG. I've learned to accept that. But in WOTLK, I had 4 different characters that had their 4 piece bonus. This time around I have one character with 2 pieces and another character that finally got a 3rd piece.
    I know others that have gotten their 4 piece and then some, so it just may be unlucky on my part as usual. But is there a way to check the percentage of players that have obtained a 4 piece compared to previous expansions?

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    I haven't a clue. I have my full 4p from LFR, as well as 2p tank and 2p healing on two other characters, but I haven't kept up-to-date on the tier progress of my buddies. I don't know of any site other than looking at random armories.

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    If not for Sha of Anger I wouldnt have tier legs and gloves, conqueror token just don't want to drop in my raid (and we have 2 palys and 2 locks, so yeah), but I have 4 pieces for long time, with lfr shoulders though.

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    Not sure, but I would be curious to find out just how many people are getting lucky with their drops.

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    with LFR, I'm sure there is no lack of anything.
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    I got my 4 piece tanking set within the first few weeks of raiding. I have since got another full set for my dps spec which I don't even use. I haven't even enchanted or gemmed them really. I understand this probably makes some people very upset. Kind of how I'm upset I have that stupid legendary gem but no weapon to put it in. RNG is RNG...

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    Prot Warrior here, I have my 2pc. In my raid (10m) Protector is the least dropped piece.
    Have a Priest, Pally, and a Warlock in the raid, they have their non-LFR 4pc.
    Have a RDruid that has 4 piece, already built his boomkin 4 piece and is now working on Feral, all non-LFR.
    Our Guardian Druid has his 4pc, the Brewmaster he replaced had 3 piece
    We had a mage, before he quit playing he had his 4pc, also non-lfr.

    My tier we have a myself, a hunter, a enh shaman, the previously mentioned Brewmaster who quit, and a new Ele shaman who didn't have any tier (was Resto).
    I got my pants from Sha of Anger months ago and the gloves the first time they dropped. Every other time the tier drops I have passed it to DPS, them doing higher dps is more important than me saving 5 rage, plus the non-set items I have are close to equal. The hunter has 4pc, the Enh has 4pc, and hopefully the Ele will have 4pc going into T15.

    Id does seem the Vanquisher piece drops way more frequently as both druids have offspec sets complete, and the mage would have had more than 1 set if it were possible. Overall though, it seems pretty balanced.

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    Wait, are you talking early WotLK (T7/T8) or late WotLK (T9/T10)? Because late WotLK was easier to get 4pc because you could buy three of them with badges (and/or smack on the Vault of Loot Pinata Bosses)
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    495 ilvl pally tank. only two pieces of tier, with one other piece of lfr crap tier. Cannot get past ambershaper due to raiders who cannot find their one or two buttons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nemro82 View Post
    If not for Sha of Anger I wouldnt have tier legs and gloves, conqueror token just don't want to drop in my raid (and we have 2 palys and 2 locks, so yeah), but I have 4 pieces for long time, with lfr shoulders though.
    We were running with 2 palas 2 locks and 2 priests...
    ALSO... Except for ICC (I had enough DKP to buy all the items that dropped for the last 4 months of it) where I got 4 tokens, I almost never saw any other tier token than a chest(t6). I was Shadow Priest in BC/Pala in WotLK+Cata/Warlock in MoP.
    I do however have 4pc normal now. Heroic tokens are yet to drop.

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