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    stormrage us, buying everything was around 4... leatherworking though... around 10 :/

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    On my server horde side there wasn't enough mats on the AH on horde side to lvl BS and eng. I had to get gold over to ally and buy the mats at a much cheaper price aswell
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjparker1 View Post
    Sorry but I believe you are FoS! A weekend to go from 1 to 600 on Eng.. riiiighhtt.. NOT! Maybe 48 hours PLAYED but no way a few hours on a weekend...
    I did it about 3 weeks ago on one of my toons and it literally took me about 4-5 hours to go from 1-600 eng buying everything off the ah, and that includes time spent out farming jeeves pattern (which oddly took like 30 minutes, when I remember it dropping in a few kills when I made him on toons before)

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    I did Engineering and blacksmithing at the same time, set me back around 35k. But old world ores are stupidly priced on my server. (thorium and fel iron cost about 5 times more per stack than ghost iron does)

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    I just recently done this on shadowsong server and it set me back 5k if that, seems pretty cheap atm. Good luck.

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    Leveling eng is the easy part. The hard part (if you want to call it hard) is getting all the cool toys created, a la Jeeves, MOLL-E, etc. No engineer is complete without those, imo. :P

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