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    Challenge Mode: What to do?

    I've read multiple threads on the internet on compositions and it seems like nobody knows the absolute BEST comp for challenge modes (which i'm kind've glad to see).

    For our comp I was thinking:
    Tank: DK
    DPS: WW Monk
    DPS: Hunter (or boomkin?)
    DPS: Rogue
    Healer: Shaman, Priest, or Paladin (Whatever is optimal) - Could use some help on this decision.

    First - do you all think this comp would work?
    Second - Where is a good place to look for advice on Challenge Modes? I need to know things like which mobs to skip, when to pop cds, etc.
    Third - What is absolutely necessary for Challenge Modes? I've heard you need stealth pots, is anything else needed/suggested?
    Fourth - Are there any well-made youtube videos/channels that detail out each specific challenge mode dungeon?


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    You should take a shaman healer for bloodlust so your hunter can be SV. Other than that, you're making it harder on yourself by taking two melee, but it's definitely doable.

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    1) Pretty much any standard comp works; for golds you should be able to bring the player before the class.
    2) Look here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...de-Gold-Guides
    3) Invisibility potions are strongly recommended for 6 dungeons and lust is always good to have.
    4) Check out the link above.

    Good luck!
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    Frost DK, Hunter, Ele Shaman, Resto Druid and idk tank. IMO.
    Shaman DJDK FEINT
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    We did all golds with a pretty terrible comp, missing Heroism and several core buffs like 3k mastery/10% IAS/5% crit (I covered 5% crit with pet). But we did have all ranged DPS which is always nice.

    Myself as a hunter, SV is pretty much required as BM's AoE is abysmal, and trash is pretty much the most important aspect of CM's for time. You can rarely swap to BM if the place allows it (before end boss in Brewery) if you need heroism but it is by no means required. Make sure your hunter has un-glyphed stampede and a pet loadout full of the buffs/debuffs you are missing. It is a massive buff for burning bosses if your buff/debuff availability is low.

    Your comp (assuming hunter + resto sham; probably your best options) is actually pretty decent, aside from the "having two melee" thing. Only missing spell haste, physical vuln, and stamina (Inscrip scroll can give you 80% of this). Hunter can cover either spell haste or physical vuln. The latter probably best for that comp.

    http://www.wowhead.com/item=79257 (8% stam scroll, normal player-provided one is 10%)


    Stock up on food, flasks, invis pots. Watch videos like the ones in the thread Harmonium linked.

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    Mage, Hunter, Monk tank, Disc Priest and a Ele Shaman.
    I heal: Druid - Paladin - Priest - Monk - Shaman

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    I don't believe there is a "best" composition.

    DK tanks are imo superior because of the toolset they bring (stuns, slows and selfheals)

    After that you want good aoe damage with mass stun capability. Whoever brings that is worth their place in the team.

    More important is realising you will wipe, a lot. Having people who can dust themselves off with a smile and try again is more important than composition by far.

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    There are really two main methods of going through Challenge modes.

    1) Set up with a normal dungeon group, with a Tank, Healer & Three Strong Damage Dealers, potentially a slower run, and a stronger reliance on the DPS being very strong, with a healer & tank capable of handling larger pulls.

    2) Set up a rush group, with a Death Knight / Avoidance Tank & Four Strong Damage Dealers, potentially a faster run, with less of a reliance on the DPS due to the packs and bosses die faster, but more pressure on the Tank.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    At the high level of challenge modes, the DKs' self healing and stuns are nothing compared to Monk tanks' DPS. That is something you want to get. Also they give you an AoE stun (Leg Sweep) and speed with rolls etc.
    I heal: Druid - Paladin - Priest - Monk - Shaman

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    Taking ranged, is recommended (it's what we did) but it's not really a requirement, you need great people more than anything. I'd take a heroism with you, it helps but not needed. DK tank (myself) was pretty helpful, with Remorseless winter and pretty short defensive cool downs. The group we ran with was a DK tank, Affli Lock, Elem sham, Hpala and Balance druid. It has the right amount of Single target and AoE damage plus a lot of stuns which help out!! My advice is, make sure everyone know's what they are doing, full flasks and food, take tanks with Str pots and str food etc.
    You totally need to use invis pots on certain instances, such as Mogu'shan, Scarlet (both of them) etc. You will find that, the hardest part of CM's is the trash pulls, you need a tank who knows how to cycle cooldowns and a healer with ballsy ability to heal like a hero. Also get your healers/mana users to take the amber stuff from Klaxxi, shit is awesome!

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    Get the players not the comp. I've done 14* cm gold runs (succesfull) in 6 hours with a team of elite players from my guild. Our comp was enchance, bm/survival, rogue (me) rdruid and a gdruid. We even got server first and world 64 on siege of niuzao temple.

    *Did 14 because i helped some other ppl get their set after we where done because there where jelly.

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    Would swapping that rogue our for an spriest be recommended?

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