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    Safari Hat + Battle stones

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if it's just really bad rng for me, or maybe it's more.
    Ever since i got my Safari Hat equipped I haven't received a single battle stone anymore. And I have done all the pandaria dailies (and the Spirit masters) for 4 days in a row now. I havent got any from any battle, nor from the pet supplies sacks.

    Or others receiving stones still from sacks when they have the hat equipped? Then it's just rng. I suspect it is, but i'd like to know, else i have to unequip my hat

    Thanks for info.

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    That's definitely not RNG, it's too big a coincidence for that. I'd definitely start unequipping it from now on if I were you.

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    lol 4 days...

    I have my safari hat from day 1 it way available, but since i am quite an egghead i never wear it.
    I have done 1000+ pet battles since then, and the ghosttamers every day. I have seen nothing aside from bandages grey jackshit and those things that make yout pets smaller/bigger.

    If you didnt get the sarcasm of the poster above me then be told that this is simply rng. Questioning statistics starts at around 1000 samples you got 16.

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    Well, if it's supposed to be a 10% drop, it's a 90% chance it doesnt drop. and doing 4x7 = 28 kills means 0.9^28 = 5.23% you wouldnt have had any at all. Not getting any from any battle either its slowly getting suspicious

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    Well ok to make it clear.

    I cant and will not stop your suspicion, But you got none with safari hat equipped, i got none with safari hat NOT equipped (but i got it and in bag even).
    So unless safari hat in the bag counts, i should have proved that whatever it is, it is NOT the safari hat preventing you from drops.

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    I was thinking the same thing- haven't had a single stone since getting the hat.

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    Just RNG, I always got the Hat on during battles. Done all Pandaria trainers (including spirits), SMV, Winterspring and Kara on a daily basis. Sometimes I didn't see a stone for 4 days. Another day I got 3 stones in 1 day.

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    Im allways wearing that hat thanks to a nice addon in every Pet fight and heres my log of stones I got since 12 January.

    Quote Originally Posted by "myself
    10.02. Dragonkin Stone used on Spawn of Onyxia.

    09.02. Dragonkin Stone used on Proto-Drake Whelp. Pandaren Fire Spirit drop 7. Beast Stone used on Larva.

    08.02. Critter Stone used on Undercity Rat. Pandaren Fire Spirit drop 6. Pandaren Air Spirit drop 3.

    07.02. nothin'

    06.02. nothin'

    05.02. Humanoid Stone used on Father Winter's Helper.

    04.02. Flying Stone used on Polly. Beast Stone used on Cat. Humanoid Stone used on Stunted Yeti.

    03.02. Magic Stone used on Lunar Lantern.

    02.02. Critter Stone used on Gazelle Fawn. Undead Stone used on Ghostly Skull. Over 400 Pet Bandanges now...

    01.02. Elemental Stone used on Ruby Sapling. Bought a second Idol to have some fun before its nerved.

    31.01. nothin'

    30.01. Critter Stone used on Irradiated Roach. Pandaren Fire Spirit drop 5.

    29.01. Elemental Stone used on Ammen Vale Lashling. Pandaren Air Spirit Drop 3.

    28.01. Undead stone used on Infected Fawn. Server #1!

    27.01. Flying Stone used on Fledgling Buzzard. Pandaren Fire Spirit drop 5.

    26.01. Pandaren Fire Spirit drop 4. Critter Stone used on Peanut.

    25.01. Flying Stone used on Grey Moth. Over 300 Pet Bandanges now...

    24.01. nothin'

    23.01. nothin'

    22.01. Undead Stone used on Infected Squirrel. Pandaren Fire Spirit drop 3! Dragonkin Stone used on Nether Faerie Dragon. Pandaren Air Spirit drop 2!

    21.01. Pandaren Fire Spirit - my 3rd as 2nd drop. Critter Stone used on Perky Pug

    20.01. Magic Stone used on Jade Oozeling - no more uncommon/poor in magic

    19.01. Pandaren Fire Spirit (the first drop). Humanoid Stone used on Harpy Youngling.

    18.01. Elemental Stone used on Fel Flame. Dragon Stone used on Nexus Whelpling

    17.01. Critter Stone used on Egbert. Mecha Stone used on Anodized Robo Cub

    16.01. Aqua Stone used on Sea Pony

    15.01. Pandaren Earth Spirit number four. Magic Stone used on Willy

    14.01. Pandaren Earth Spirit number three.

    13.01. nothin'

    12.01. Critter Stone used on an Imperial Silkworm. Elemental Stone used on Teldrassil Sproutling
    you see its just bad luck you have work on your Karma! ^^

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