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    Frag Belt: How does it scale?

    So this engineering tinker: www.wowhead.com/spell=54793 (Frag Belt) is pretty interesting in how it scales.

    From what I've found out so far:

    - It doesn't scale with Intellect/Spellpower, as taking off/putting on Dalaran Brilliance didn't affect the tooltip
    - It doesn't scale with Strength/Agility/Attack Power, as taking off/putting on Crystal of Insanity (Flask Effect: +500 all stats) didn't affect the tooltip
    - It DOES scale with damage modifiers (e.g., Arcane's Mastery, Rune of Power, etc)
    - Because of #3, I'm assuming it also scales with Damage Taken debuffs (e.g., Warlock's Curse of Elements)
    - It's Fire damage, and also states it's Fire, but it doesn't seem to scale with Spellpower (or rather, Fire Spellpower)

    If anyone happens to know how to find out how this thing scales, I'd love to know to try and use it as a DPS increase on certain fights (because Nitro Boosts is really helpful on some fights >.>)
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    Don't go just off of tooltips. Tooltips tend to not change with things, unless they specifically took the effort to make them do so.

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