Team Aidan is a 10 man raiding guild that started out as a casual guild among friends, some of those friends are still within the guild in one way or another, but we have evolved into a regular 10 man raiding guild.
Here in MoP we decided that it was time to try our luck with some more heroic progress minded raiding, so if you are looking for a super fun guild with dedicated raiders, Team Aidan might be the thing for you.

What we offer:
A steady 10 man raiding team
Flexible spec choices, we allow people to change their mains or their specs between content patches, since raiders being happy is what we aim to do!
Friends and fun, over the nearly 3 years the guild has been running, we have all become great friends, even the newer people. Some of us even meet irl, or have vacations together.
Heroic raiding on a semi-hardcore level

Raid days (These might chance in the future):
Tuesday : 18:45 - 22:00
Wednesday : 18:45 - 22:00
Thursday : 18:45 - 22:00
Sunday : 18:45 - 22:00

What we expect from you:
Knowing your class and spec fully.
Having a viable off-spec, in case its needed.
Loyality and high attendance, we dont want to have 25 raiders in a 10 man guild to keep it running, so showing up for all raids is highly prefered.
Able to speak on TS, dont be afraid to speak up if you feel you can contribute with something
18+ years of age, this is just a precaution, we have had many issues with young raiders in the guild

If you see anything here that interests you, feel free to check out our website at -
Or send me a PM on this site or in game

Thank you for your time.