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    What level you have to be in order for CRZ to work?

    As the title says I am wondering what level person who is inviting you from other realm has to be in order for you to be ported to his realm? I used the search but couldnt find the answer ( perhaps i didnt used it well ). Im asking that since sometimes i dont get ported even if the person who is inviting me is lvl90 ( same as me )...

    Sorry if this is a repost and thanks for answers

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    Level 1 I'm sure. I don't think level matters.

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    Level 1. But the Pandaren, DK, Goblin and Worgen start zones are in their own phased/instanced zone.
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    thanks for fast answers, then i dont get it why sometimes i dont get ported

    Tried it again with a friend, he invited me from 7 characters all from different realms and nothing, every time even thou it said I will be ported, nothing happened Does anyone have a clue why is that?
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