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    I hope it's early August / summertime. I have some friends who would love to go but never can becaues of the fall scheduling, either because of their kid's school or because work (teachers).

    Not holding my breath, but it would be cool if they could finally come.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buu View Post
    Which pet this year? Perhaps they will break the Murloc tradition, this year.
    I like that there's always some kind of murloc. Murlocs are awesome and it's cool to have it as an unofficial mascot. It's tradition!

    Hasn't always been a pet though. We've had four pets - Murky (05), Grunty (09), Deathy (10) and the Murkablo (11). But 2007 was the costume, and 2008 was the Big Blizzard Bear mount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Breccia View Post
    If I had to guess, I'd say there won't be one. The momentum is gone.
    Hum..what makes you think so? Tickets to the last Blizzcon sold out lightning fast. The event appeared jam packed. Momentum gone? With a SC2 x-pac, a possible D3 x-pac, another WoW x-pac and prject Titan - what should stop them other that they are losing money on such an event?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SadWarrior View Post
    Is that new Aeon Of Strife (DotA) mode for SC2?

    Don't care for the rest, maybe WoW tho. SC2 third expansion would be great.
    It is. They're apaprently making it a standalone game/mod.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hjelpen View Post
    ofc there is, and blizzcon 2013 may be fucking huge

    *WoW - Next xpack
    *"Titan" - Next gen mmo
    *Blizzard All stars
    *Diablo III - first xpack
    I don't really see Titan being announced this year, I can definitely see it appearing next year, but I'm gonna guess it'll skip this year over. They already have plenty to show us, next year there won't be a WoW or Diablo III expansion to announce, so they'll sell the show with Titan and the next SC II expansion. That's my prediction at least, I could of course be terribly off.

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    Definitly the next expansion, hell maybe even a fully playable demo, considering they wanna push faster, and i dont really see MoP last that long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocheku View Post
    Definitly the next expansion, hell maybe even a fully playable demo, considering they wanna push faster, and i dont really see MoP last that long.
    It is a bit ironic coming from a person with a panda avatar.

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    It baffles me that people are assuming that there will be no Blizzcon 2013. Whether this guess is from the data we received from the conference call (which isn't enough to cancel blizzcon), or whether its just people being cynical in their self-inflated mindset that "Blizzard is dying", I have no idea.

    Like others have said, Blizzcon 2013 will be HUGE. Every "other year" at Blizzcon is huge. 2009 was pretty big, 2010 was kinda low-key. 2011 was HUGE with features from all three games and 2012 was so low-key they cancelled it.

    Blizzcon 2013 will feature a new Wow expansion announcement, likely Diablo 3 Expansion. news on Blizzard All-stars, preview for the Legacy of the Void and perhaps even a preview at Titan and the Warcraft movie.

    I'm willing to be Blizzcon 2013 will blow past Blizzcons out of the water, considering last year they didn't have any at all.

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    Gonna be even harder than ever to get Blizzcon tickets this year. Demand is so huge they sell out in seconds now. I still remember the very first Blizzcon tickets were available for a week. Second one tickets were available for a couple of days. Now they sell out so fast most people just end up staring at a crashing website or a 5000 person queue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    It is a bit ironic coming from a person with a panda avatar.
    I think he means that it won't last as long compared to previous expansions at the current content production rate rather than the quality of the content.

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