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    Lightbulb Need Advice - Will of the Emporer 10 HC -

    Hi there, i dont know if there are some simular threads to this but i would like to see if I can get some Informations for better playing the Boss.

    First to us.

    We are playing following Lineup:
    Tank Warrior -
    Tank Monk -
    Owl / Tree -
    Heal Pala -
    Diszi Priest -
    BM/Sur Hunter -
    Shadow Priest -
    Rogue -
    Elemental Shami -
    Arkan Mage -

    Last Weekend we first killed the Four Kings, so we got the Chance to fight against the WofE HC.

    But soon after the first 3-4 Trys we where hard Overrun by the Minions.

    Actually we are able to Kill the first 3 Waves of Minions till the Bosses Spawn, soon after that, the Rage of the Emporers are Going to over Run us cause they are Spawning much to fast to kill.

    We are trying to kill them as soon as possible and our Rogue tanking all the Sparks comming from the adds.

    But are we playing it Wrong or do we just need more Dps ?

    Would like to get some suggestion for Help.

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    Assign more people to certain roles.. like letting the hunter tank the big add with his pet. Then assign more ppl to soak the sparks(Hunter/SPriest), you are losing the rogue damage to running. Define some priorities in the kill order of the minions, whatever works best for you. Damage on the boss should be your least priority.
    Learn the fight and break down the common kill strategies to fit your raid. In terms of organisation and execution it is one of the harder fights in mogushan

    Maybe not so usefull in your situation, but posting some logs (http://www.worldoflogs.com/) sometime helps to determine problems.

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    Sorry to say but we dont have any Logs from that Boss, my major Question is about, how many DPS do you real need to kill the adds cause on normal Bosses our Every member is doing there 100k+ dps with no Problems. But in this fight they are all about 70k, except our hunter he is doing 90+

    So do we really need to CC that "rages Minions 2x one Handed axe" or if we just keep the DPS up it will be easier?

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    Get the rogue to soak everything, with faint and talent he takes 80% less dmg, have 1 melee to take care of strenghts alone, or hunter with his pet(its important to keep the strenght away from the middle where u usually stack to help healing). All dpsers but the one doing strenght should focus on rages, slow and push them back as much as possible so your rogue can soak away from the rest. When courage spawn have 1 slower go slow it, finish rages if ur dps is not enough to kill them before courage spawn. CC the rages that spawn after the courage so you can finish him. Go back to rages and after you will have transition.
    You are gettin overrun most likely due to the fact your raid is out of position for rages doing courage, just have a go before courage has died to ring of frost them so they are not in the middle of the room already.
    Hope it helped.

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    The easiest way that my alt 10man has found to do it is the following:

    All DPS on adds except during burn phases (When no adds spawn)
    Rogue - Uses Feint to soak the spark explosions
    1 Melee - Tanks rage (can be done by a caster too though)
    Make sure you just keep killing adds and when the Courage comes out just frost nova/cc the 2 Rages that jump down until the Courage is dead. After that just keep killing rages and Strengths (Courage>Rage>Strength). With the dps setup you have you shouldn't have much of an issue with adds considering almost all your dps is range but without logs there isn't much of a way for us to tell exactly what people are doing wrong.

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    When does the last minions spawn? ( so we can dps on the Boss ) - Its the 3rd or 4th Wave of Rages?????

    That would make it much easier to CC the Rages, so like, "ok we got first rages, Down, np. - Strength comming, np down, Courage comming, kk down, next Rages Comming, KK, "Strength and Courage comming we are still on the Rages??????

    CC them, do Courage, then Strength then Bomb all Rages. ( that might be 4 a Kind now ) then DPS boss?

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    You've got a really good comp with hunter because (s)he can soak many rages and very often.
    Just a little tip is that an mage with Cauterize can soak a spark from eg. Corages with ice block right after ultimately he can use blink. There is a little delay before the actual damage goes out so lets say you have about 0.7s to press blink from the animation start. This works for druids "Blink to cat form" spell i tab 1 talents aswell.

    Rogue deals with strengths only, He have to use feint every time, or cloak of shadows when its up. Let the rogue call out if he need help with strenght, in a time ahead so he always have his guy dead by the time a new one is about to come, that way your dps can dot up the bosses while rages are dead Just make sure the rogue have time to get his str down + soak his spark and move to next side of the room, or it'll cause panic!

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    CC one Rage, burst the other, then kill the CCed one.

    Rogues soaks 95% of sparks using feint only.

    Hunter soaks strength with 1min deterr when needed.

    Spriest soaks Courage with dispersion.

    Don't make it hard, you have a rogue, this fight's a joke.
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