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    Would this be a good option fo long time subscribers?

    So when a new expansion pack comes out I believe a great option for long(ish) time subscribers would be we could get it for free, as long as we commit to 6 months of subscription. here is an example:

    When Mists of Pandara came out, those who have been subscribed for 12 months and over (consecutively with no cancellations in between) would get the expansion free of charge. They would also commit to a minimum of 6 months after that.


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    Damn wrong forum.

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    Didn't they do something similar to that?

    Bidning people for 6 months in WoW and get Diablo III for "free", something like that.

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    Personally, I think it'd work but maybe at half or quarter price and then commit for 6 months.

    Sounds like a good and fair deal for both parties. I'd also change it to people that have been consistently playing for 2+ years

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    why would they give it to you for free, when they know you're going to pay for it anyway?

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    Blizzard like money, this gives them less money. Why would they do it?

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    If anything it should be the opposite, think the expac should come with a little more free time included. /shrug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choptimus View Post
    Blizzard like money, this gives them less money. Why would they do it?
    Promotion is investment, blizzard invests sometimes (annual pass). This, however, doesn't like all that promotional, defeating its whole purpose.

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    That would be nice, but foolish of them. Pretty much everyone that is interested in the expansion is going to pay the 40 dollars for it upon release or receive it as a gift or something...they're already paying for a sub, after all, why not spend the extra money to get the new and exciting content that Blizzard is pretty much guaranteed to sell to every person that wants in anyways?

    They gave away Diablo 3 to Blizzard subscribers who did the annual thing since it was a different genre that a lot of people probably wouldn't have tried without getting it for free, and I would say it probably paid off pretty well for them.

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    Just came across this. Closing since there is an open discussion in General.

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