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    cartel coin items in GTN

    3 weeks ago, it is about 30k credit per dollar.
    For example, 80k for a weekly pass. 150k for a section x unlock. 30k for a ship upgrade 7.

    Now the price skyrocket.
    Many cartel coin items simply don't even show up in GTN.

    Like gold in real life, someone is hording.

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    Should be server-dependant. Never seen prices as low as the ones you quoted but I check those items only every few days or so. And hoarding something EA can reproduce indefinitely with a cost of zero is somewhat unlike "gold in real life".

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    I am not complaining about my server.

    Someone clearly spends real money.
    Just yesterday, someone put $400 worth major experience boost in GTN.

    On the other hand, someone has lots credit to burn too.

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