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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    So you only raid for loot, not for the challenge. Should make you happy to get fresh shiny loot even quicker.
    Since he's not happier, obviously that's not the motivation.
    "There is a pervasive myth that making content hard will induce players to rise to the occasion. We find the opposite. " -- Ghostcrawler
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    Quote Originally Posted by plantation View Post
    I've already been bored out of my mind for a solid month now. I don't understand why people would want to put off new content.
    Same. I'm bored out of my mind, and the only thing I can do is to lvl YET another character. I've barely been playing WoW at all actually >.>

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    I'll say what I said elsewhere:

    Do you raiders understand that you're a minority? Most people don't raid, and never will. Why in the world should anything be done revolving around your wants and desires? There's far too much placating to that base as it is, and it makes zero financial sense as is. Be happy you get what you get at all. Deciding when a patch comes out based on what 5-10% of the player base does is absolutely foolish, and makes no sense at all. In what way could that even begin to make sense at all to do?

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    I liked this tier the farming outside the raids was fun first weeks was loaded and probably the week I spent most hours in wow because there was so much to do and I enjoyed it always having something to do outside raids was fun and now Ive been raiding 12h and cleared everything on hc two weeks ago so I think this tier was perfect and one the better ones and the timing on 5.2 cant really be better because if the would release it on 5th of march Hc modes would unlock on 12th march and 12th march IS HOTS! and I probebly wont leave my house playing the new campaign on brutal and getting in on the multiplayer nothing to complain on

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    The patch is coming too early from a raider's perspective. Something ridiculous like .08% of raiding guilds have killed H Sha of fear. All they are doing is turning this expansion is an all out progressionfest.

    Not to mention this is the longest raid tier yet, and its ending the second quickest of any tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    Many people in this thread are assuming that WoW is a single player game ... they assume that only 'ME' is important.

    The problem with changes like this is that many people are affected, and the ripple effect causes many more to be affected.

    The entire 2 months our guild has had available to raid and other guilds in a similar situation - has left this early 5.2 as a possible fracturing point for many guilds - that isn't something I did, it just is.
    You really need to stop saying 2 months. It was FIVE months. Everyone else on this planet had FIVE months. Who takes a month to level? Seriously. 2 months of vacation? That means you had MORE time to play the game than we did. We actually had to go to work/school. You leveled in 5 days, so you cancelled your sub on the 6th day because you had to wait for your slow friends who can't figure out there are quests, that you don't need to kill vermin in valley for weeks to level. Then you went and partied down on the beach for two months, resubbed and are now complaining you, and only you (you as in your guild) only have two months to clear this tier. And that all of us who actually played the game in these 5 months should wait for you. Do you have any idea how asinine all of this sounds?

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    normal toes literally takes like 40mins max.....getting in ur toes clear for weapons/trinks/tokens and then on to HM progression is easily possible at a decent rate for a 2 night guild. even a 2 night guild on a dead faction that dwindles by the minute where we have to pug dps for said toes/h msv farm first 45 mins of each raid night.....i know this to be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zethras View Post
    No matter what Blizzard does, there will always be people who whine and bitch simply for the sake of whining and bitching.

    I've learned to ignore it really.
    Pretty much this, in most cases, at least. I really don't see a lot of all-out complaining real-id style, though, it's mostly people who are saying "I just wish we had a little more time', and given that this is such a large tier that was gated, they may have a point. Nonetheless, I always welcome new content that looks of good quality, and 5.2 certainly does to me.

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    For me it isn't about the patch coming too soon. It's about the amount of testing that still has not been done to the raid. I'm 16/16 heroic been for over a month now, so normally I'd be ready for the next raid right? No. There has been zero 25 man testing of the new raid (from players), and I believe zero heroic testing. I am not looking forward to another poorly designed Vizier boss, "Oh he went left again? okay wipe". If they get the testing right and there aren't any major bugs (obviously there will be some), great bring on the new raid. I just can't see that being the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deleth View Post
    About 300 guilds world wide have everything clear. How's that "the rest of us", hell you most likely aren't anywhere close to having everything clear.
    Because the vast majority of the players do no more than LFR, and they don't care about the race for World 401st.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringthane View Post
    No, it's Blizzard's job to make money. Since they're doing that, the rest of this is moot.

    And could you imagine what this game would be like if they actually did do things just to please the playerbase?
    ...they'd make more money?

    I don't think you understand the concept of a service based business model. I see this bullshit a lot.

    You make more money when people are satisfied with your service. Why would they make decisions that make players inherently unhappy? They're not going out of their way to fluster their playerbase, or bullheadedly make decisions out of spite. It makes absolutely no sense to suggest that.

    5.2 is coming at a fine time. I see a lot of speculating about guilds falling apart because people jump ship to 5.2 raiders. Possibly in a Cataclysm model, but there's no instant catchup mechanism; we can't just disregard the 25iLvl+ gap and expect people to ignore Sha and head for Lei Shen.

    People planning to jump into ToT at the start of 5.2 already have their rosters, and they're not going actively recruit players who are under geared, and haven't cleared ToES. The iLvl gap is significant enough where progression isn't just going to happen; lots of gearcheck fights from the looks of it.

    The supplemental gear from 5.2 world content and LFR will help support progression through the back half of T14. Guilds that are stuck there won't be for long, but just long enough for T14 to remain relevant to the progression path.

    I feel like it's too early but that's just because I've slacked off on getting shit done so now that 5.2 is around the corner I'm scrambling to do things. My main isn't even at 480 ilvl yet, or done with collecting sigils for Wrathion. lol
    I think this drives most of the frustrated feedback lol. My main will have just finished 5.0 and 5.1 content in open-world Pandaria, and I've got a warlock / priest alts who're just jumping into LFR. I'm set and ready to go.
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    Other than raiding (for me anyways) there isn't much else to do. Now as for raiding, my guild is not very good. We've only cleared 10/16 normal mode so far, so with this patch coming soon, it's like, oh man, I haven't even cleared the normal content yet! lol. I wouldn't attempt heroic, but you get the point. A lot of people are still trying to clear the current content. haha.

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    My guild is 10/16HC and fighting desperately for at least Heroic Shek'zeer before release..times is hard yo...
    Back in my day, we killed bosses 400 times a day...uphill both the snow...and we fucking liked it. In related news, I hear that uninstalling WoW completely from your hard drive and then reinstalling it resets your RNG numbers. -septor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seezer View Post
    How do you know it's a "turd of a patch"? Because you don't want it released at the end of Feb. Sound logical. Using hyperbole because you're mad doesn't make anything you say relevant.
    Because I have been playing on the PTR for weeks, and it's rather obvious. Fucking PVE players Id swear just want more epics to lootwhore, never care about the actual quality of the gameplay changes. They could make the game nothing but click the epic, and youd still pay them.
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    Theres nothign wrong about them, ppl were complaining about 7/8 bosses tiers staying around for 8 months +, a 16 boss tier lasting 5 months is simply way too fast. I play on a semi-hardcore guild, were currently 10/16 H, I realy wished we had at least 1, 2 more months of this tier to play cause its simply too big of a tier, ppl who have somewhat of a tight raid schedule didnt even get a chance to complete the tier.

    Only 418 guilds killed the Sha of Fear heroic, thats just way too few, and its not cause hes too hard its more because hes the last boss of a massive raid tier.

    @Otiswhitaker - so a raid tier is not aimed at raiders ? Kinda fail to see hw this works. Also they can simply release another 5.1 style patch for the non raiders or whatever if thats the problem. The game doesnt revolve around raiding, true but remove raiding from WoW and see what happens.
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    I think people are complaining about the heads up. A two week notice for a major content patch is pretty minimal. It will be refreshing to finally have new content, but people are still trying to farm the gear they need. Sure they can continue doing the current content when 5.2 hits, but whats the point of limiting yourself when normal ToT gives 522 gear?

    Also, don't be surprised if it is delayed. They did state they are aiming for the end of February, but knowing Blizzard the possibility of it releasing in March is much higher considering the amount of PTR testing still needed.

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    This will be one of the shortest raid tiers in terms of time but (I think) the longest one in terms of how many bosses there are. Not enough guilds have killed H Sha yet to warrant the new tier be released yet in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glurp View Post
    This will be one of the shortest raid tiers in terms of time but (I think) the longest one in terms of how many bosses there are. Not enough guilds have killed H Sha yet to warrant the new tier be released yet in my opinion.
    In theory T7 was longer but in pratice it wasnt cause there was no heroics back them.

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    Seems a little quick for my liking. I wouldnt have an objection to mid-end of march or April release. I finding it alot nicer not going at breakneck speed to clear content. I raid now with a 9 hour a week 10 man at 12/16 Heroic currently. Im not so concerned with Empress but Sha would be nice to get down HM before 5.2 and time seems tight. Ive raided at top 30 US 25 man so been there done that. But still would be nice to have more time to clear heroics not raiding crazy hours a week for 16 bosses.

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    lol @ non 16/16h scrubs

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