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    Sure, they can name their price in any PMC, except for the ones that are well known because their faces are printed all over their books.
    I think the ones that do that are hoping to pick up some sort of movie deal or something. I've read a lot of the books, and they really aren't that interesting to people who don't enjoy reading military books, they definately don't have general appeal like Harry Potter or The Da Vinci code.

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    might be, but because he's the one who shot Osama, if the Al'Quaeda finds out he's in huge danger, so a protection program for him and his family is something that the gouvernment should have given them.
    Authoring and publishing a book about how you killed Osama Bin Laden is a great way for Al'Quaeda to find out that you killed Osama Bin Laden.

    Perhaps he should've considered his family's protection and safety before thinking of the profits he'd get from publishing a book.

    EDIT: There's a reason the Klan wear hoods at their rallies, you know. It's sad when a Klan member is apparently more forward-thinking than a member of our Military. >_<
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    Isn't it immature that you call him Donald "Dump"?
    I agree, it's childish and stupid - and that's my point. it's meant as a deliberate mockery of his blatant disrespect via using "Crooked Hillary", and thus I can call him "Dump" since he dumps his campaign promises, dumps campaign managers, dumps his wives, wants to dump the first amendment, dumps common-sense war ethics and dumps the use of proper English in favor of a mongrel white-trash dialect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyMarvel View Post
    So 16 years of service doesn't warrant basic human rights?
    Medical benefits are not basic human rights.
    Live Free...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eomar View Post
    Medical benefits are not basic human rights.
    Sure as hell should be for a first world country.

    He does get "something" it seems, for a whooping 5 years.(That clearly did jack in his case, if hes telling the truth.) Bleeding in proxy wars for 16 damn years for a country that prides itself as being a beacon of freedom etc and not even getting to retire with atleast some comfort? Oh wait, silly me, he didnt serve the full 20 years. ^^

    I really can´t wrap my head around the fact that this thread, with only 20 responses, has people saying "tough luck". Was he not "protecting your freedom", as you say in US? If you treat theese people like this, i really don´t want to imagine the situation for a regular Joe in financial and life-threatening trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manakin View Post
    It's very strange, i was under the impression that many people whom went SF chose to be lifers (Spending the majority of there life within service to reap maxium benefit, however minimal)

    As for his life being in danger, i'd agure somewhat that's his fault for coming out spouting he killed him. In the UK im pretty sure they'd be bound to secrecy ergo, they cant run there mouths and get into a situation like this.

    But i do wish him the best, and hopefully he wont face any backlash from extremists...
    I was in special operations and have never met anyone who was in for life. It's extremely rare to be in special forces for life due to the risk in the field and your general health as you age. Only a handful out of 100~ get to stay and be a general or major simply because there's no place for more. Now i was let go because of budget cuts by the government, i was young so i'd have better chance of finding another job. You'll fine lots of ex-special forces as police officers, security guards or general security / training firms. Only the lowest of the low join scumbags like Blackwater (now known as Acedemi... another name change).

    Quote Originally Posted by Eomar View Post
    Medical benefits are not basic human rights.
    It is actualy, everyone pays for it in the end through taxes... but i guess certain continents are still too full of people with elitist attitudes.

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