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    Currently Aff lock/Arcane Mage and myself Frost DK are the top 3 most of the time.
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    OP arcane mages and aff locks should be around the top in everyone's comment.

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    As unoriginal as the rest of the topic, Lock/Mage mostly
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    SMF warrior. Maybe cause he's amazing and carries our group. Then me, aff lock.

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    Our boomkin does insane deepz. Closely followed by Retri(me) + Hunter. Were currently 9/16HC

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    It depends on the fight but usually our hunter or ele shaman tops the charts in our guild. Sometimes the mage gets the 1st spot.
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    Depends on the fight, usually it's Frost DK/Rogue topping meters but lock/hunter/mage/boomkin can all be up there!

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    Usually our rouge (assassination) or warrior (fury).

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    rat paladins 90% of the time

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    Affli Lock (me :P) and fury warr - we're competing for #1 most of the time, but since he's forced to play prot every other boss, it's affli lock. We have a terrible mage, i guess if he'd learn how to play, there would be another competitor. Sometimes our balance druid has his shiny moments, but they are rare.

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    our chart topers vary depending on the fight. its always between ele sham arcane mage or a spriest.

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    Fury Warrior (Titan's Grip) followed by our Elemental Shaman. On many fights, I take third to fourth as a Brewmaster monk.
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    Our ret is always in the top and pretty often #1 too. otherwise it's usually a mix of locks/mage/priest - on a few fights the melee shines but mostly those 3 ranged.

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    our rogue seems to top most fights... warlock is very high on stuff like wil of emp... fire mage is high on protectors heroic... hunter/dk/monk go pretty high also at times

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    One of our warlocks is almost always battling our hunters.

    Then, depending on the fight, spriest/mage are usually up there, with our ele shammy sometimes sneaking his way up there if mechanics work in his favor, and then our rogues/monk up there on melee friendly fights.

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    It usually depends on the fight, but usually our rogues, warriors and dks if the fight is melee friendly. If not, then the warlocks, boomkins and hunters.

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    Brewmaster Monk.

    No, I'm not biased, why do you ask?

    Nah, outside of Wind Lord Mel'jerak, then it's usually our Warlocks. The rest do decently, but it's the Warlocks who are usually at the top. Occasionally I give them a run for their money when I switch to Windwalker, and our Feral Druid does well too.

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    arcane of frost mage depending on which spec he is playing.

    then the frost DK, afflocks, and hunter are fairly close

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    Mages/Locks and sometimes Boomkins.

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