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    This is a secret :o
    WindWalker Monk and Retri Paladin. Yeah that's right, ret paladin. xD

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    It was our lock. But since he rolled a warrior, it is our SPiest closely followed by rogue and hunter.
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    I play a BM monk, and I kid you not, I'm usually at the top of our meters. Granted, we're still working on HoF 10m, but generally for most fights I'm at the top or top 3. Then its usually a fight between our frost DK and fire mage for #2.
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    Destro lock, Ass rog, BM hunter are our top 3, replace one of those 3 w/our fire mage on certain fights or when the RNG is in his favor.
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    Affliction locks. Really doesn't matter what fight it is either. If they know how pandemic works in conjunction with trinket procs and dark soul.. you simply won't beat them.

    WW monks do surprisingly high damage but completely suck when it comes to cleaving lol.

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    We usually have a Demo/destro Lock (me), SMF Warrior, Maybe-Combat-Rogue (sorry, not too sure what he is, I don't know rogues), and SV Hunter fighting for the top 3 spots. Who takes number one usually depends on the fight gimmicks and group buffs that day.

    We also have a few folks that can't come as often that do well, such as our Enh Shaman, and a ridiculous Shadow Priest that almost never is able to come along, but has been making me work hard for the top spot since Tier 11, through all the ups and downs of his spec.

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    SMF warrior been rapin dat meter all day every day!

    [EDIT] 10man
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    Arcane mages, warlocks and ferals.
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    Arcane / Affliction by a long shot.

    I rarely top them even when pulling legendary ranks with SMF Fury.
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    Arc mage, Afflic locks, Rogue, MM Hunter (nojoke)

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    10 man arcane mage and bm hunter

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    Arcane Mage(508ilvl) and Affliction Warlock (me 509ilvl) on top always and by a pretty big margin. Then it's normally our Hunters (507 and 505ilvl). And all of the rest are the same normally: Shadow Priest (510ilvl), Feral Druid (505ilvl), Retribution Paladin (509ilvl).

    16/16HC guild ranked 313 world and US 27 10man.

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