This has to have been written already but if Blizzard can make the distinction from a 8 sec fear on a player to a 30 sec to a npc....Then why are they not able to balance PVE and PvP seperately....You know what I am talking about...An example back in Wrath locks got drain life nerfed bc it was to op to pvpers....however it also effected the PVE side of it...I mean thats just an example off the top off my head (and a poor one at that) but I am sure you get my point at some point every class has had this happen (shaman brothers know all to well lol) So why not just tune them as needed?...Pain in the [email protected]@ I am sure but solves the problem and keeps everyone happy....Maybe make it that once you enter a bg or arena the changes apply or some mechanic like that just...obviously world PvP would suffer or duels..