MV: 6/6 HC
HOF: 5/6 HC
TOES: 2/4 HC

If you wish to raid with meter breaking players, try creative strategies (comparative to Morchok Cleave, 1 phase Hagara, 1 Plate spine, 4+ Trash Yorsh, 2minute Ultraxion, 0 Meteor Firelord) & have solid progression then read below.

T14 is long over so pushing for a top180 World Rank for T15 is the next step.


- World Fastest 10 HC Morchok
- World Fastest 10 HC Warlord Zon'ozz
- Top 5 Speedkills on all bosses 10 HC (T13)
- All players ranked top5 on almost every Cataclysm Heroic Boss
- Meter breaking performance in current tier with all players parsing sickly[/b]

Recruiting Core

- Meter breaking DPS who can keep up with our roster (High interest in Hunter, Boomkin)
- All exceptional players regardless of class will be considered


Invites 19.15, off-day raiding can be scheduled based on raid attendance.

Wednesday-Monday: 19.30-23.30 - 4 Days (Servertime, GMT+1)
Tuesday: Raid Extensions/Optional - HC Alt Runs

Friday & Saturday are off.

Contact Battletag // Counterfire#2120 - Apply over our site or feel free to contact Lifire in-game/over battletag.