"Forgot to Wipe" are a 10man raiding team on Draenor. The team was built consisting of ex raiders from Dark Company and Escapades merging together to form a stronger raiding core for this expansion. Our aims are to raid at a competitive level and clear all Heroic content each tier while it is current.

The team itself consists of players who have been in their realms top progression guilds since TBC and we aim to keep it at this standard.

The most recent feat of some of our raiding members includes having obtained:

Draenor's Realm first :Challenge Conqueror Gold!
Draenor's Realm First: Glory of the Pandaria Raider!

The guild itself is a fun and vibrant place to hang out in, our guild as well as our raiding team consists of players from all over Europe and even America! The chat is never dull nor is the atmosphere, if your interested in doing guild Heroics/PVP or farming achievements while not raiding then this is the place for you!

Recruitment Status: Open

1x Resto Shaman
1x MW Monk

Current Progression:

6/6 MSV HC
6/6 HoF HC
3/4 Terrace HC

Our Raiding Schedule:

We raid 4 nights a week -
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 20.00 - 23.30/24.00 *on some progression nights raid times may be extended*

Any raider wishing to make an application to the guild MUST be able to attend ALL FOUR raid nights!

What we expect from any applicant:

  • As previously mentioned any raider wishing to make an application must be able to attend all four raid nights! As well as attending the raiding times, we don't want players who just log for raids then off straight away! Players who get involved with their guild members outside of raiding will fit in well here.
  • We would wish for players that want to apply to have similar raiding experiences and backgrounds to that of the raiding team as we won't carry anyone through raiding!
  • Mumble is a must! We expect applicants to have a working mic and be vocal during raiding! If you are shy and don't communicate well during raiding then this is not the place for you.
  • A mature attitude is expected as we are all adults. (By adults I don't mean we are a bunch of old dry sh*tes who moan about the weather , we do enjoy the laugh and giggles during raids but have to put our raiding faces on when it is needed)
  • The ability to think for yourself and adapt well in a raiding environment, i.e we won't spoon feed tactics or class specific things for progression. You must have a good personal knowledge of your own class and the ability to keep up to date with any changes.
  • We would expect by now that your character is ready to jump into Heroic progression.
  • Having well geared alts that you are skilled on is also a bonus as some fights may require certain roles/classes that may benefit the raid team on Heroic Progression

What can we offer you?:

  • A level 25 guild
  • A solid raiding spot in a vibrant and upcoming progression guild
  • Repairs and food during raids
  • A chatty guild and fun raiding environment (including Mumble chat)
  • A home to call your own if you are an achievement junkie as we have plenty in the guild!

How to apply?:

In Game feel free to get in contact with Daemie or Zibbwald for a chat.

Online you can head to forgottowipe.tk to take a look and post an application.