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    Question Flameglow Vs Ice Barrier

    The new Talent on the 2nd line of mage makes it diffult to decide wich 1 is better in pvp .
    Ithink FlameGlow is quite good talent if mage is good geared i think this spell might be very Great shield to mage. It would be even more harder to kill mage (my opinion).
    But still ice barrier is stil ICE BARRIER :P
    Im confused cant say which 1 is better in BG and arena. The advantage of Flameglow is that its passive but still...

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    well..... flameglow can't be dispelled or spell stolen

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    Please use the official 5.2 PTR thread to discuss PTR matters: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...Changes/page50

    Until the patch comes out (more accurately: until we know all spell numbers), I will be locking most threads which are discussing the PTR. Thank you for your cooperation.

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