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    Two weeks before Throne of Thunder hits and the Mage class is still an absolute mess

    Invocation is still up in the air. Fire is still nerfed to the ground. Frost still doesn't have a useful pet. I don't know if mastery or haste will be better next patch. Can't wait to log on 2 weeks from now using a less than optimal gear setup. I'm sure my top 10 US guild would love that.

    Earlier on in the PTR people just kept saying 'wait until the final build! We will know everything then!' well, friends... that time is upon us and our class is still in shambles. It's a mess that Blizzard just doesn't seem to care about.

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    I bet they have it all figured out
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    Its quite the chance that mages will go live as a mess once again, but it is being talked in another thread so would be nice to not have more than 1 thread running with this atm

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    I would appreciate it if you kept the discussion on patch 5.2 PTR changes in the designated topic which has already reached 50 pages. A far more productive discussion can be held there: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...Changes/page50

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