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    Before and after weekly Cap


    Looking forward to do arenas on chars i dont go for rating just to have fun


    Plz remove warrior from game

    Also yesterday i capped my SP, omg and yes i teamed up with a warrior cause he invited me when i was lf some1 to cap. We played 2 games to double dps rogue/hunt and DK/warr, ofc i was the target dummy. After 2 games he left me with the words "lol dude, you need to learn do dmg...look how much i did and look how much you"...ahhh..ok you bladestormed in them, grats.


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    yep , confirmed L2play issue

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    You run into an idiot and what you get out of it is that you want his class removed? A mustang rear-ended me the other day the guy was a total dick and said it was my fault, therefor they should ban all mustangs.

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    Capping 2s as hunter is pretty tricky. Comp matters a lot. I tried some games with an enh shaman and a spriest. Wow, I was allowed to free cast anything while the nuked my partner in about 5 seconds.

    I had most success when teaming with rogues and ww monks because the other guys don't really know who to train.

    Or was this tread about bashing warriors ?

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