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    Hunter 5.2 s13 pvp gear

    Hi guys just made this vid to show the new 5.2 s13 hunter gear

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    looks horrible
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    MMO-Champion has already made a video of like every new armor set.

    That said, I personally think it looks hideous.

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    I dont like the helm, but the rest has potential IMO. I need to see it on a male undead first, but its going to have to be pretty badass to replace T8 on an undead.

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    Skull helmet = I'mma start PvPing. God, I love skull helmets ^^
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    Looks generic and boring.

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    Not a fan of the helm, but maybe it could be made to work with the Wrymstalker head instead.

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    Looks awful. Awful set for an awful class. ^_^ Nothing being done about BM burst in 5.2.

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    Gear is just horrible. Damn good thing we have xmog!

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