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    483 Assassination/Combat Rogue LF new guild for pve/pvp

    Name: Jerycho
    Realm: Mal'ganis
    Faction: Horde

    Looking for a new guild as I just came back to WoW after a few months and the current guild no longer has any of my friends actively participating. Wish to gear up my rogue to current content and progress in 5.2. Also looking to get into some pvp, even if just casual on the side as a change of pace. Wish to play with mature, but fun people. This isn't North Korea after all

    Have been playing since BC and raiding since WotLK.
    Consistently good attendance.
    Would prefer to stay horde, but willing to consider faction change if opportunity seemed worth it.

    Battletag: Jerycho#1809
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    Hey Jerycho,

    Very interested in talking to you and see if you would be a good fit for our 25m core. Feel free to add me on Real ID - Kamari#1205

    Along with PvE, we run some RBGs and have a decent group with quite a few people at least 1800+

    We started a new 25m guild at the end of Cata in hopes of rekindling the fun that a good raid environment used to be (many of us took a break sometime during Cata/DS especially) and we have been able to build a solid core but need a few more to really get us going. Most of us have raided since Vanilla BC and have raided hardcore, and been successful, at some point in our raiding experience.

    Currently 16/16N 1/16H and in need of a few solid players to continue to strengthen our 25m core (prepared, know the fights, quick wipe recovery, positive attitude, etc.)
    and make us competitive for realm firsts and beyond.
    We raid Tues/Thurs/Sun 8:15-11:15pm EST (sometimes 11:30 to push a kill and sometimes a Monday clean-up raid but not mandatory).

    We are committed to putting building up a 25m core that will be able to push current content as it is released.

    Battletag = Kamari#1205

    Let me know if you have any questions or also visit our website at: www.cubiclelagmandos.com

    Thanks for taking the time!


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