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    [H] Systematic 25H Guild LFM 5.2 and Beyond

    <Systematic> of Zul'jin is recruiting for 25 man raids.

    6/16 H 25man in 6 weeks of raiding total

    History: Quick Version - The guild has been together for 6 years now with much the same leadership as back when we grabbed many of the server firsts from when we were on Arygos. We started raiding in this tier very very late and made it to 6/16 Heroic 25man. We are looking to hit T15 very hard with a few new faces to round out our roster as recruiting people to come to Arygos was not possible.

    We are a recent transfer from the desolate lands of Arygos where recruiting for a 25 man has been made impossible. To remedy this issue we have chosen Zul'jin as our new home for future raiding endeavors. If this was any other guild's recruit post I would list our long and storied past, but we like to think actions speak louder than words. So you've read this far into our post, how far do you wanna go in slaying the pixels?

    Raid times: All times are EST
    Tuesday (8-11pm)
    Thursday (8-11pm)
    Sunday (8-11pm)

    Currently Recruiting:
    - Warlock
    - Holy Paladin
    - Mistweaver Monk
    - Protection Paladin

    All exceptional players are encouraged to apply!

    Personal Requirements
    - Thick Skin / Not easily offended by anything ( We are NOT PG-13, We are not biased though, We make fun of everyone)
    - Mumble (Mic Required)
    - 85% attendance
    - Sense of humor
    - Commitment (Will you lay on a grenade for the raid?)
    - Ability to play at a high level
    - 18yrs and up (Not an iron rule, exceptions can be made)

    - DKP System (Open bidding)
    - When wait listed or sat for a fight you gain wait list DKP

    *We keep a small roster and will bring people who are sitting in for bosses that they need gear off of, it is highly un-likely anyone will sit an entire raid night.

    Feel free to Contact us or apply at: methodical-gaming.enjin.com/apply

    Dinine#1573 - Dinine
    Tain#1212 -Tain
    Rozzalyn1450 - Raizyn
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