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    RAF Question

    Hey guys, how's everyones night?

    (trolls don't bother, I'll ignore you)

    I'm just wondering, can you do RAF on an account that's been recruited?
    I'm a month into it atm, and was wondering if it's possible. 3 way leveling could be much fun!

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    Hi! Not sure I'm understanding the question correctly, but let me see if I can help you - an account can only be recruited once. However, if that recruited account has been deactivated for a long while (since before March 2012 as it stands now), then that account can have a Scroll of Resurrection sent to it. Feel free to update the thread or PM me if you still have any questions about that

    PS - I might also want to mention that an account can send out multiple recruit invites, even if it was itself originally recruited.

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    Thank you so much! I pm'd you, as I think one of us is misunderstanding haha

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