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    Macro for targeting in a specific order

    I'm not very good at macros, so I was wondering if I could get some help on this. I want to make a macro for Heroic Protectors that, when pressed, will target Protector Kaolan first. If he's not up, the second priority target is Corrupted Waters. If there is no Corrupted Waters, I want it to target Elder Regail. And if he's not up, Elder Asani. I tried just listing them all, but since Elder Asani is last, it went to him each time. Is it as simple as listing them in reverse order? Or is there a cleaner way to do it?

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    Put them in order from lowest priority first to highest priority last.
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    To clarify for your case Caladriel

    /target Elder Asani
    /target Elder Regail
    /target Corrupted Waters
    /target Protector Kaolan
    For explanation, read Aqua's post

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    I got it. That was my suspicion, just wanted to confirm. Thanks.

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