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    NDAA Case comes to a head.

    so we all know or at least most of us know what the NDAA is and it's controversial addition of 10,21 where the government can detain Us citizens indiscriminately. within the year it was passed a case against its legality headed by journalist/activist Chris Hedges filed suit against president Obama for its blatant unconstitutionality of the 10.21 provision. almost a year ago it was deemed unconstitutional, however the Obama administration set an appeal. this year the second circuit of appeals between the accusers and defendants of NDAA which include: Kelly Ayotte [R-NH], John McCain [R-AZ], and Lindsey Graham [R-SC]. I don't care if you see yourself as a conservative or as a liberal on this one, this to any sane american this should be VERY concerning.


    thus far it seems this case has can and I quote "potentially be the latch on pandoras box, we threaten to expose TWO administrations who have been over broadly possibly illegally interrupting a law". this is big, very big. of course washington and the Obama administration will fight this tooth and nail. to me this is more important then CISPA, both should garner attention but none have the potential of being as damaging to free speech as NDAA does. those involved with the case, have a reason to be scared, they are whistleblowers, journalists and writers who have brought to our attention the things the American government has been doing, and as such in some cases have been branded as enemies of the state. what are your thoughts on this?

    at this point we need to leave party lines behind, this is not a democrat or republican( hell not even a liberal, libertarian, conservative) issue this is an AMERICAN issue.
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