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    Need some Comic Book Help - Fighter Pilot WW2 Comic

    Hey guys - I don't claim by any means to be a comic expert. I have a patron at the bar I work at who asked me (because he knows I'm a gamer) about a comic he read as a kid, that actually helped him to pass his Fighter Pilot's test to become a pilot for the military (I work at a VFW) he gave me some general info about it, and I'm going to plop it here, maybe one of you know it off the top of your head.

    The main character is a fighter pilot -
    The aircraft controls in the panels are very detailed -
    The comic takes place during the Battle of Britain -
    The comic takes place over France -
    The last page of the comic one of the characters has his watch upside down, and this stuck out to my patron -
    He believes it's Marvel or DC (From what I researched DC did a lot more military comics though) -
    He remembers the name Sergent Rock (But from what I saw, Sgt. Rock was an infantry man) -
    The comic would be anywhere from the late 40's to early 60's my bet would be early 50's, I believe -

    Thanks for your help, I'm looking too, Johnny Cloud seems to be a good contender. From what he described, most of the action is one man, and it's realistic vs. super powered. Thanks again guys.

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    Do you guys think it could be this? Maybe the Anthology will have the story in it?

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