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    Are you glad you quit WoW?

    So I have been wondering of late if it was actually worth coming to the game. I logged in and realized how overwhelming everything was in front of me and thought maybe I am too late to jump on the MoP bandwagon.

    If you have quit WoW are you glad you did for whatever reason?

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    This thread wont end well
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    Can't say I'm happy about or or sad about it, not bothered tbh I've kinda moved on from the game for now. I like to see it as I'm taking a break rather than actually quit the game full stop.

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    Ive "quit" here and there over the years. At the time I would be fine with it, but would eventually end getting sucked back in. I quit shortly after MoP launch because of how screwed up PVP was(and is), but ended coming back and Im having a blast leveling a new class and soon getting ready to casually play PVE.

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    no, but it was taking too much of my time to play pve competitively

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    I think I'm the only person on MMO-Champion that still plays WoW.
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    Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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    This is all rather pointless. There's nothing really here to discuss other than for people to come in and go through the usual routine of why they dislike World of Warcraft. Since we have dozens of other threads in which that happens it can happen there instead of here. I'm not even certain why the poll exists.

    Closing this before people start getting infracted.
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