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    Brewmaster problems in HC progression

    Hey there guys.
    I've been reeding all f the post i can find, and, ofx, more than half dont support each other, so, im trying to get my answer's here.

    Many of the normal fights i havent had many troubles. I did the "normal" reforging (Hit>Exp hard cap>HAste>cri), and i was doing fine... But now, that i start doing the HC's ones, i find myself sometimes on a pickle. The damage spikes i take are way too high, and we are known to not have a lot of safe restrain mecanisms.

    I know that i dont have the best trinkets ( Bottle of infinite stars and error in the mists, for what i could learn), but i have the best ones i could find... I reroled not to long ago...

    Am i missing something? is still Stamina and mastery the worst stats we can use? is it really encessary to be Expertise Hard Cap? all this taking HC progression off course. Or am i reading in the wrong places?
    And can someone PLEASE link me a decent stat weight data for HC progression for askmrrobot?

    One more thing. I already have Netherrealm Shoulderpads HC and the Legguards of Failing Purification on my backpack. I only not equiping them because of the Tier bonus. Should i really discart them, or only keep the 2p bonus and go with them?

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    So there's several things here. Let's break it down.

    1. Stat priority for heroic modes

    Hit and expertise aren't necessary. You'll find a lot of Brewmasters go for 7.5% in both however, since that removes a little bit of randomness and just feels nicer. It's also convenient for when we may need to switch to DPS. But overall, you'll get more benefit out of getting more haste and crit.

    Hardcapping expertise isn't needed in the slightest, don't bother with that if you're having difficulties surviving. Get more haste/crit instead. Hardcapping expertise is convenience and smooths resource income out, but strictly speaking is worse than just putting those stat points into haste/crit.

    Generally speaking, Brewmasters seem to go for the following:

    7.5% hit and expertise
    Enough haste where they feel like they don't need any more Chi, and aren't Chi starved (personal preference, can vary between 2,000 haste or 9,000 haste, depends on the Brewmaster)
    Then stack crit.

    The haste thing is fun, as it really is just personal preference. Do you get Chi starved? If yes, get more haste. If you have too much energy regen and don't need more Chi, get rid of some and put it into crit. You'll need to figure this one out for yourself, though.

    2. Damage spikes

    More often than not, for a Brewmaster a damage spike means two possibilities:

    a. they let their active mitigation drop off (i.e. Shuffle), or

    b. they had an unlucky avoidance streak on a hard hitting boss or group of adds.

    Does your guild use World of Logs? If yes, take a look at your buff uptimes. That could be an area to improve in, simply getting Shuffle uptime as close to 100% as possible, using EB as much as you can, etc.

    If your active mitigation uptimes are fine and you're still getting gibbed, then you're probably on one of those few bosses where more stamina is beneficial. More mastery doesn't really help (and ignore what the cutting edge Brewmasters do, they're playing a whole different game than the rest of us), but more stamina can be beneficial on a few fights e.g. Wind Lord Mel'jerak, Grand Empress Shek'zeer, etc. For these fights, I'd suggest switching to a couple of stamina trinkets, switching to a couple items gemmed/enchanted for stamina, etc. Nothing too extensive, just gain an extra 50k - 100k HP. Oh, and switching to a stamina flask and food, helps a lot.

    3. Stat weights for ask mr robot

    Don't know myself, but apparently the Windwalker ones work well. I just figure it all out myself tho so I can't help out here I'm afraid.

    4. Tier set bonuses

    Our set bonuses are super sexy in T14 (and in T15 too, but that's irrelevant right now). Definitely keep them and get 4 piece ASAP, it helps a lot.

    I hope all that helps. Any further questions, throw them our way!

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    Thanks for the quick answer. Its exactly on wind lord that i was getting those damage spikes.
    Im still getting gear, so, some on my pieces arent well itemized to tanking. For example, i still didnt get any trinkets , unless a Dungeon HC one and the relic of xuen. Still trying to get better trinkets, but for now this is what i have.
    And i, as a Leatherworker, can take your advise in windlord. FOr fights that require more stamina, i can quickly swap my enchants, same goes to trinkets (i have the shado-pan stamina one).
    But the hard cap was hard to achiv, and with that, mane of my reforges (not to say all) did go to that. I just read in a lot f threads that we really needed that cap. But now that i know we dont really need it, i will reforge it to a safe hste cap and just fill myself up with crit! =P
    However, is someone do use askmrrobot and have a custumized stats weight that dont mind sharing with me, i really apreciate it! I am taking you're advise on the windwalker one, seems legit for what i see! Just need to get used to the fact that i wont have stamina like a DK or warrior, and that i will take more damage spikes that them in some fights.

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    My stat weight for BrM AMR is just to customize the weights:
    Reduce stam to .4 or .5, have haste and crit at .7 and then when you feel you have enough haste, just change your haste gems to crit ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vilnar View Post
    Im still getting gear, so, some on my pieces arent well itemized to tanking. For example, i still didnt get any trinkets , unless a Dungeon HC one and the relic of xuen. Still trying to get better trinkets, but for now this is what i have.
    Xuen is BiS pre-heroic modes in T14, so y'know. You've got a pretty solid trinket there!

    The exp hard cap thing is something we're still actively working to remove from the community's mind. In beta we used to really want the expertise hard cap, and that carried over at the start of T14... then it turns out someone forgot to carry the one and exp hard cap just wasn't worth it. It's never really been worth it, just some mathematical error happened somewhere I believe.

    But yeah, it's nice if you can get it, but it's strictly sub-optimal and if you're having difficulty surviving then you really shouldn't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinchib View Post
    My stat weight for BrM AMR is just to customize the weights:
    Reduce stam to .4 or .5, have haste and crit at .7 and then when you feel you have enough haste, just change your haste gems to crit ones.
    Use the WW stat weights and either ignore X -> suggestions or put in some 320 crit gems instead of haste once you reach the cap. That is how I've floated at ~6500.

    OP For H Wind Lord 25m I use Stam: LW Enchants (wrist/legs), Flask, Food, and the Stam+/use Mastery trinket (Jade Warlord Figurine?) which puts me at 617k fully buffed (and should put most BrM at least very close to 600k). Since I got H Bottle I use that as my other trinket but if you get them I would consider Xuen > LFR Terror > LFR Bottle and Terror > Xuen > Bottle for normal mode (this is my opinion others may disagree), for a fight you are tanking 100% of the time I favor Terror a bit more for the massive crit proc's for EB spamming on CD.

    As suggested you really need to post some logs I have the feeling this is more about something you aren't doing correctly than with gear or forging. Tank it every week without much issue (most wipes are to people derping into a wind bomb) and think I'm sitting at # 122 ranked now for 25m.

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    Vilnar, I'm from Ask Mr. Robot. Funny timing, we've been chatting with SurrealNight a bunch to tweak the stat weights when 5.2 comes out. This will help factor in those haste breakpoints for your spec as well

    In the meantime, his suggestion to use the WW stat weights + a few adjustments is a good call.

    The real reason I stopped by is to give you a link to a guide on how to edit our stat weights. Some of the info is pretty basic, but I think some of it will still be pretty useful.

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    usually the spikes on wind lord HC are about poor quickening dispelling, make sure your priests/moonkins(with symbiosis on priests) are dispelling quickening on time and the dmg should be pretty consistent throughout the fight

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