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    Resto Druid - Burst healing

    This is my toon.


    Our server peeps are amazzzzzzing in PVE content
    But lately I am forced to play during night hours.
    Our server is pretty much deserted and as such I am doing LFD for getting VPs.

    Let me start by saying I love the HoT based way of healing in my resto druid when compared to my holy pally.

    Coming back to my issue,

    When a party member who is failing with a dungeon mechanic (move out of the purple spot etc) and is losing health rapidly how do you as a resto druid recover that party member ?.

    In my holy pally I really dont have any issue with on-demand burst healing (along with his absorb mastery,cleave-healing) and I can save that dps from dying but in my resto druid i find it incredibly hard when a party member loses HP faster than my HoTs can tick and when my SM is on CD

    My holy pally is better geared than this 457 resto druid but even when Holy Pally was gearing up he never had any issues with on-demand burst healing which I believe my resto druid lacks .

    Or do you guys think that once I get good gear I should be good ?

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    Gear will make quite a bit of difference down the road but for single target burst our only real option is swiftmend/regrowth or both. This is where glyphed regrowth comes in handy with having a 100 percent crit chance. It will also put 'living seed' on the target causing them to be healed the next time they take damage. Once you get more spirit you'll feel more comfortable with spamming a few regrowths

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    Tree form is a good way to respond to burst too.

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    you have swiftmend, regrowth and NS

    that's all

    edit: if you're talking about large raid aoe/burst damage (which i don't think you are), then you generally tranq, or pre-hot as much as possible before the actual damage comes.

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