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    Quote Originally Posted by Choptimus View Post
    Evolution seems to think so.
    This. The stronger kills the stronger and all that.

    Also, let not bad people be the ultimate judge over others. Yes we are ruining Earth, but at the same time atleast some people can achknowledge that we need to treat it well.
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    Do we deserve? No. Do we have any other choice? No.

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    Everything ever deserves to live where ever it wants.

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    'deserve' has nothing to do with it.

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    Some do, some don't.
    A decent chunk of humanity is evil. Most are neutral. And a few are good.
    How about we draw a line somewhere in neutral and split it into the two halves?
    We could exile the evil and evil leaning to Mars or something.

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    Deserve doesn't mean anything, we just are. What I know is that humans should stop believing that they're in charge of this planet. Their thick skulls still fail to understand that we can be washed away in a matter of moments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgoth View Post
    Anyone who says no feel free to leave.

    We are the Apex Predator, we are the ones who rised up from mindless humping machines into something more. The earth is ours by right of conquest, and until something can conquer us it remains ours, to do with as we please.
    I can't leave. Nor can I deny humanity's insignificance or insignificant self-importance. It's here to stay.

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    depends who you ask, but we're here now.

    Sure we're bad for the planet, but we're also smarter than animals in that we notice the problems we cause and can try to fix them, sustaining the resources rather than just dying or moving somewhere else.

    Whether we deserve to live here is irrelevant at this point, we're here, and intent on keeping it that way.

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    No, we don't deserve to live on Earth.

    Basically because we are the only spiece on the goddamn planet that can ask such a question. What the hell OP and other pseudogreens, do you think we shall just perform a mass suicide to make the Earth a slightly more pleasant place to live for orcas and kangaroos?

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    Most don't. There are some good people out there that would actually care about the world and even the planet itself but the amount of the undeserving make the good ones appear as if they were invisible or non-existent.
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    This is where I live, so it's my home. I honestly don't give a shit whether I deserve it or not, and I think it's a stupid question.

    Who's going to stop me?

    Before folks rage out at me - I recycle more than I throw away and I care about the environment, and I still find this question stupid.

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    No more, and no less than any other species on this planet. We can pollute all we want really. Sure many animals will die, we will die off eventually too. Do you think the earth cares? FUCK NO. The earth will keep chugging on for several billion years. With, or without us.
    We could set off every nuke we have and the earth would hardly shrug. Its gone through far worse, like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, or the Permian-Jurassic mass extinction, or any of the other near dozen times when more than 50% of all life on earth was obliterated.

    All this climate change reversal is not for the earths sake. The earth doesn't care, it will go on, no matter what. Its for our sake. Because we don't want to go extinct.

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    Our existence is a massive accident and you're trying to apply morality to the earth's perspective for which you can't.

    Sure other human's can say that what we're doing on this planet is right or wrong but they can't say we don't deserve to live on this planet because the basic fact of living on the planet requires no obligation to maintain and sustain it's environment, our species merely being born on this planet gives us the prerogative to treat it how we please.

    Also please don't have me down as a anti-eco type of person, I'm quite the opposite.

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    Meh, we are here, and that is all that matters.

    To quote great Nwabudike Morgan:
    "Resources exist to be consumed. And consumed they will be, if not by this generation then by some future. By what right does this forgotten future seek to deny us our birthright? None I say! Let us take what is ours, chew and eat our fill.".

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    we are the earth and the earth basically exists for us.

    The earth survived cataclysmic events that basically killed the majority of life and recovered from them. If we ever render it uninhabitable it will likely not be long without our influence that it gets back on track.

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    We deserve to live on this planet just as much as any other creature on this planet does. Take that as you will.

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    It's not something that can currently be taken away, so what we deserve is irrelevant. We live here, and that's all there is too it. Unless we have a situation like from the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, the question of whether we deserve to live on Earth is invalid.

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    How deserving we are of it isn't exactly relevant. The world rarely favors the most deserving anyway.

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    Deserve has no meaning, it's right up there with karma and other such stupid arbitrary rules conjured up by those who want to force their view on others.

    We are here, hence we deserve to be here. Even if we blow up Earth, we still deserve to be here. It's about as stupid as asking if stars deserve to give out light.

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    Deserve lol. That word is fun for debates. Yes we do and here we are. I see no point in this. ><

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