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    No one liked my reference:/
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    We do deserve do be on Earth, but Earth doesn't deserve to be treated the way we treat it.

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    If you are particularly bold, you could use a Shiny Ditto. Do keep in mind though, this will infuriate your opponents due to Ditto's beauty. Please do not use Shiny Ditto. You have been warned.

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    No species deserves anything, animals exist because of evolution and evolution does not give a fuck whats happening, we are here, we won't go away, never.

    What really deserves something is our earth, we treat the planet like shit and we should feel bad because of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sandmoth12 View Post
    Do we or don't we?

    Are we bad for this planet or not? Do we deserve the right to call this planet our home?
    Well the earth is our home. The human race evolved on this planet so why wouldn't we "deserve" to call it our home?

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    By saying "deserve" you suggest that there's some sort of cosmic difference between good and evil; the perception of such is purely of human origin. The world doesn't care nor can we apply our own moral ruler to the universe - it would be arrogant to think we measure so highly to something we scarcely understand. As it is we are here, and here we will remain for the foreseeable future.
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    Humans have continued to stab there true Mother in the back. In only 300 years, Earth has been left scarred and battered never to be healed but at the same time we are children to be proud of, for instance a human uncorrupted by modern society, innocently living in a rural environment, fishing just enough for his/her family is a beautiful thing. We don't deserve extinction although if 99.9% of humans was wiped out only leaving behind a select few good hearted people, then our beloved Earth which so many seem to forget about will have a chance to live in peace for at least a little while longer.

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