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    Quote Originally Posted by breadisfunny View Post
    i thought alligators are fine if you leave them alone. btw op yeah if your scared of wolves do yourself a favor dont ever travel to alaska. they have much bigger things than wolves there.
    Yeah, like wolves are......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catanowplx View Post
    Skoging that is spot on. We're a country that has been safe from any dangerous things. No dangerous spiders, snakes, wasps and our most dangerous predator in the wild is a mere badger or a fox.
    That's still no excuse for your "concern", which is mired in ignorance. Next time, take the 5 minutes out of your day to do a search on wolf behavior before panicking.

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    Denmark is one huge area for one wolf. You have more serial killers and people willing to kill you for your money than you have wolves, if you have only one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gr4vitas View Post
    This would be a non-issue if you guys had guns.
    It's already a non-issue, OP is being a drama queen because 1 wolf was sighted in an entire fucking country haha.

    Ps. Only wimps and women need guns to defend themselves from overgrown dogs.

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    Okay, OP has enough information here on what-to-do if a wolf comes by and most of the replies so far have been to say that the OP is a wusse and what not and that's not constructive.

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