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    Fire, now we can't spread living bomb. Weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenevieva View Post
    fire will be indeed best, sup Manito


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    Quote Originally Posted by zenevieva View Post
    fire will be indeed best, sup manito:d
    thank you god

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    Probably go fire... We have a raid the moment I get home from work, and I haven't/won't have time to test on PTR, so I won't have time to really adapt to the new arcane. So I'll just respec to fire the day before patch, get full crit gems n shizzle, and go with fire at least the first week for normals, and then look at logs and stuff during that week to see what's the best theoretical spec, and what would be the best for the first couple heroic modes for the first week. I should get enough crit to make fire viable at least, and having both PoM and scorch as fire is very nice. The nice mobility from scorch, while keeping the nice burst from alter time Pom
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphamage View Post
    I stayed loyal to Fire even after the huge nerf after 5.1 so I am not going to change. I love the Fire playstyle and now with the ability to have both scorch and PoM plus the 2,5 secs Invocation, I am certain Fire will be much more fun.
    I'm inclined to agree, only I didn't stay loyal to fire, I cheated on fire multiple times with different arcanes :P I hate to say it, but once you go..arcane....everything else is lame lol. Not sure how I'm going to get use to fire again ugh, it feels so boring now, compared to live arcane . Going to miss it surely

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    Well, I was haste/invocation arcane for a bit... so I was half-fire.. ;D

    I think I'm just gonna stick out fire until the end... It's always been the more fun.
    (First tier is usually rough anyways)
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    With normal gear crit should be around 45% should be comparable to what it was prenerf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henzington View Post
    With normal gear crit should be around 45% should be comparable to what it was prenerf.
    You do know that we are averaging 46-47% crit rates on fireball atm? even before any t15 gear

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