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    Exclamation Bored of WoW...but I don't want to quit

    Hi Everyone

    Recently I've been pretty burned out on WoW and I really want to quit. The boredom started after I got a mount which I had been grinding for for months...but now I just don't have anything to do The problem is that all of my friends play WoW and if I stop I won't really have any friends left...or at least not anything to do with them.

    I really want some advice for people who have experienced this before.

    Thank you

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    If all you have in common with your friends is WoW then they really aren't your friends. Stop using them as the reason that you continue to play and choose to do something else.

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    Do you only speak to your friends ingame? No vent or mumbles?

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    While I wouldn't put it as strongly as Xeraxis, I'm sure there's SOMETHING you can do with your friends besides WoW. And you say you don't have any friends outside WoW? Well, I'd say stop being cooped up under your rock, go out, and do something.

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    I get bored of just grinding away raids and rbgs and arenas sometimes. Thats when I stock up on consumable stuff, and take a break from progression. Ill load up on stuff that makes me really small and hard to see, get a whole bunch of exploding rabbits, airplanes, blah blah blah, and just mess with people. The turtle shell that knocks people off their mount and blackened worg steak for non hunters helps a lot.

    Then I just randomly fly around the world, asking if anyone needs help with quests, while hunting ally. Its a pve realm, but u'd be amazed how easy it is to get someone to flag. I dont camp or anything, I just get a laugh and move on. I think I have more ally that ive ganked on my rid then I do horde now from that. Since you have friends to play with you can 2 seater mount a lvl 1 to use as bait even. I dont know, its an mmo, go cause some trouble =P Ill charge drop from the sky in SW sometimes to kill a flagged lowbie and run to stocks get away. You can also kill the cooking/fishing daily guys a few times right outside stocks to get a crowd to fight. Sadly for my ally toon, theres not a lot of places where you can harass horde.

    Running old content with a few friends is fun too. Or if you raid a bunch, go do some bgs or something. Switch things up.

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    I've been bored of wow for years. Yet I keep playing not sure why. There is always something to do in wow tho just gotta look/work for it.

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    Remember that, no matter how involved you get with it, WoW is just one of a zillion computer games out there. Some people treat it like a social network, but you can get those without paying a monthly subscription fee.

    Just stop playing it. It's not some grand life decision, requiring hours of procrastination and self analysis. Log out and do something else.

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    Challenge mode made the game fun for me, afther a period of pure boredom.

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    Don't quit just play less. 2 weeks into mop i realized that i can't even look at raids anymore after raiding almost none stop for years (last break i had had was TOC because we cleared it so fast) so i stopped and just started playing casual and i am having way more fun playing wow then i was raiding. Not being committed to raid times is also great. I can play when i feel like it not when i have to.
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    I agree with the above posters. Just play less.

    My raiding guild just fell apart so I'm not going to be doing any sort of guild raiding for awhile...things are kind of crazy IRL right now anyways. However, I don't plan on quitting, just leveling alts and doing LFRs and pet battles so I can still enjoy my time with friends and the things I enjoy doing in game that I still like about it.

    There are plenty of F2P games out right now that you could try out as well. Tera, Aion, Star Wars, several others...if you're just looking for something to kill time with, you can make new online friends in those games too. There's supposed to be many more coming out this year too.

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    will post something i posted on the official forums (hijacking someone's post):

    I've played WoW since beta, pretty much only ever concentrated on a rogue, then a DK when WoTLK was released... Attempted to level a few other characters and become pretty bored with the levelling process (not blizzard's/WoW's fault, I just get bored levelling!). My entire WoW "cycle" of play goes like this:

    Play the game solidly for a few months.

    Start to feel a bit burnt out, my own fault for feeling that I HAVE to do dailies/farm charms/get valor cap.

    I lament the loss of that community "feel" to realms and wonder why it feels like I'm playing a glorified spreadsheet (reforge, regem, OPTIMAL NUMBERS) rather than the old "cobble gear together and go on an adventure" game that WoW used to be for me.

    Attempt to alleviate said "burning out" by levelling a new char or taking part in areas of the game I haven't done for a while - this entertains me for a little while.

    Stop logging in every day, possibly try a new MMO.

    NEW MMO IS AWESOME - TIS TRULY A GIFT FROM THE MMO GODS. I happily plough through a few levels of the new mmo, occasionally skyping friends and other WoW playing acquaintances informing them of the wonder they're missing out on.

    Time passes... I realise the new MMO has neither the content, people I know, or the reassuring/comforting familiarity of WoW, a game akin to my second home for the last 8 years.

    I go back to WoW.

    What you and I mention in this post is mainly nostalgia, when WoW was new and we all pretty much sucked. Things weren't datamined, rumours like "I hear XX has a higher droprate of XX if you do XX" were everywhere - I thought, because I had a "skill" in a language that meant I might be able to learn Horde ones somewhere and communicate with the enemy :-P

    Like everyone else who posts these topics we're all like crack addicts looking to regain that first "high" which was the wonder of playing a relatively new and amazing game - we're nearly a decade into the game and it's no longer the one it used to be... On the whole things have changed for the better and if you, or I were dropped back into Vanilla we'd literally be like "WTF is this?!" like seeing an ex girlfriend after 5 years and realising she WAS actually a complete munter. ;-)

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    In the title you say you don't want to quit then the body say you really want to quit? Play another game if you can't decide visit the suggestion thread. Maybe you find another multiplayer game you can play together if you want to keep playing with those people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraxis View Post
    If all you have in common with your friends is WoW then they really aren't your friends. Stop using them as the reason that you continue to play and choose to do something else.
    Basically what this guy said.

    A lot of people will play games they don't enjoy, for reasons that make sense, but when you dig a little deeper they kinda don't make sense. If you don't want to play anymore, don't! If your friends won't talk/hang out with you because you don't play WoW anymore, screw em, cause they aren't any kind of friend to you anyways.

    Find new friends.
    Call me House.

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    Take a break and come back later, you always want to play after a break.

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    *Reads title* "Bored of WoW but I don't want to quit"

    *Reads original post* "Recently I've been pretty burned out on WoW and I really want to quit."


    Are we supposed to discuss something here?

    If you quit, and that means you "no longer have any friends left," it's time you quit. When you YOURSELF believe you have no friends outside of a video game, that might be a sign it's time to stop playing that video game.

    Then again, who am I to tell you that not having friends outside WoW is a bad thing?

    This is ultimately something you have to figure out on your own. Hence, why I say again, what exactly are we meant to be discussing here that is of ACTUAL value to you, the original poster?

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    You'll have to think up the next thing that'll be interesting in concept to go after.

    I try different things on new characters that I haven't tried before, like : "THIS guy will max out Archaeology and Fishing." or maybe you do pet battles, or whatever. No one here's going to know what will spark your interests.

    I make alts when I'm bored and come back to the character I got bored of later. I'll try class and race combos I've never tried before.

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    There's enough things to chase after in WoW that I've always managed to find something else to do when I'm bored in one aspect.

    Just got sick of a solid 1.5 months of going hard on achievements, now I'm getting an alt ready to go hard next raid tier. After that I'll probably move on to something else. It's just what happens.

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    I've played on and off over the years. Had two big "quits" due to health problems within my family.

    Recently I went through a bit of burnout, and basically only logged in for raids. I did recover from it, though - I just chose to play other games for a bit It happens sometimes.

    WoW just kind of goes in cycles.

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    Just quit. If your only friends are on a online game then quitting isn't your only problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraxis View Post
    If all you have in common with your friends is WoW then they really aren't your friends.
    That's just rubbish, friendship isn't rated by the amount of things you have in common with them, You don't have to have anything in common with someone to be their friend.
    OT I know what you mean, but can you not share other contact info with them? Other than that, so what you find more fun It's a game, even if you're only talking to people, if you're happy and enjoying that at least, then don't worry Maybe level something you've not levelled before, or different faction, or just some like, test, to level without heirlooms and weapons or something lol :P

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