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    I have a feeling I'll be replacing my Sha-touched weapon come the Throne of Thunder even if its an LFR drop. But I'll keep it safe in my Bank just incase something comes along in 5.3 or later that evolves into something more powerful.

    Though I'm starting to feel that the legendary quest-line is more about the experience, which I love, but the rewards are just the icing.

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    Given their comment about "hold on to it cause you never know!" well as the fact that they explicity stated "there are no more sha-touched weapons FOR NOW", it kinda points to 5.4/SoO being the next incarnation or return to these items as a concept.

    If prevailing wisdom/theory holds, and Garrosh is in fact corrupted by the Sha/Yshaarj to become empowered or whatever, you can be sure that there will be sha-touched stuff in that tier. It stands to reason that Blizz doesn't want to rule this option out, and as such, is giving the informed playerbase a bit of a heads up.

    TL;DR - perhaps more Sha-touched stuff in 5.4, maybe even what becomes the legendary, so hold on to your stuffs.
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    If it was that easy don't you think we would have figured that out? (Source)
    20k and counting...

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    Im in the same situation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly View Post
    well i'm not gonna cry when i disenchant my hc shek'zeer mace. so ugly i long for it.
    To each his own I guess.
    If I'll ever manage to get my hands on Kri'tak (my loot luck is...well...not that good), I'll never ever gonna sell it...because this must - at least in my opinion - hands down be one of the best looking maces since Classic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Madruga View Post
    I was gonna post exactly this.

    In short... Keep your sha-touched weapon or gem in the safe!
    The weapon can be deleted, sold or de'd. They do have decent models so it would probably work out to save them for transmogrify. But that bit from Blizzard is referencing the Gem and not the weapon. You can't get the gem out of the weapon once it is in a socket so there is no reason to save the weapon other then you want to.

    You should save the gem if you haven't put it in a socket yet, or if you've bought a second one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fang83 View Post
    So after tons of rep grinded, 20 sigils collected, 6000 vp over 6 very long weeks collected and desperately grinding for sha weapon only to hear that 5.2 will have no upgrade to our sha weapons but infact will be replaced by much more powerful weapons thst cannot take sha gems...

    So what happens now? How useless has our weapons become and for how long? Its pretty frustrating that after months of getting our weapon up to scratch that we can't even continue using it throughout 5.2.... or am I missing something?
    Gear becomes useless every time we upgrade. Sha weps are not any special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fang83 View Post
    Well sure it has always been like this but I was under the impression all these quests and chains were part of making our sha weapons legendary? Apparently there are no more sha weapons so the gems cannot be used in 5.2 at the very least. So what exactly happens to these sha weapons now? Do they become vendor material or do we use them for upgrading in 5.3? Or will we get new sha weapons that we will add gems to? Which makes me as the question... what weapon eventually gets upgraded to legendary? I thought we carry this one sha weapon through the expansion and upgrade it as we go along making it more and more powerful?

    Blizzard made us believe that the sha-touched weapons would become legendary eventually. I also feel scammed, found a sha-touched weapons on 2 characters, upgraded it with gems (spent 10k for my 2nd gem) then i got them both the normal version (again 2x9k) and then upgrading both with the extra gem (2.5k ) , i mean the intention of blizzard was to make us spend 20-30k gold ? Too cheap intentions imo but it is possible.

    Blizzard was lame on that part...i remember a blue post saying about having weapons that will evolve on EACH patch and eventually becoming Legendary.

    Who is pro enough to search the blue posts about sha-touched weapons becoming legendary?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly View Post
    well i'm not gonna cry when i disenchant my hc shek'zeer mace. so ugly i long for it.
    There's this new thing, called Transmorf or something like that, I think. I'm not sure what it does, but bacon.
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