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    [A] <Betrayer of the Manatee> 10m -7/16 HM - LFM ranged dps

    Betrayer of the Manatee is a 10 man raiding guild on Crushridge. We are a bunch of relaxed people who fuck around all the time and still kill a shit ton of bosses. If you are good, and like to have a good time raiding then join us.

    What We Are Looking For:
    Ranged dps. Especially hunters/mages/boomkins/ele shaman

    Who fucking cares.

    If you are any of these don’t apply:
    A try hard
    Bad at this game
    Angry all the time
    Really bad at this game
    Don't like to have fun while killing progression (you wish you were hitler basically)
    Can't dps while moving

    Raid times

    -Monday: 8-10:30 PST
    -Tuesday: 8-10:30 PST
    -Wednesday: 8:00-10:30 PST
    -Thursday: 8-12:00 PST

    Get at me. Battletag: bottleLOL#1561
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    Bump^^ Very much in need of two talented, raid aware ranged dps

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    Still looking! Killed blade lord tay'ak HM. 3/16 H and moving fast!

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    Bump^^ Killed heroic wind lord tonight. 4/16H - Need two solid dps for 5.2!

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    Bump^ Killed heroic gara'jal, spirit kings, and elegon. Now 7/16 H. Looking for a talented mage/hunter!

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    Bump for ranged dps. Mage or hunter!

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    bump to the top^^^

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    Still need a couple ranged. Ele/boomkin/hunter/Mage. Going to be progressing fast when 5.2 hits

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    bump. still need like two ranged dps. Don't be bad. #srs

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