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    Guild Wars 2 banning players

    I know many people and the employees of Arenanet/NCSoft will disagree with harsh criticism and become that which they hate to discredit me but how can you ban anyone for naming or chat when you have filters. There is a filter that wont allow me to make a name thats offensive so anything that passes is good to go and for chat there is an option where you click a check box if you want to filter profanity or mature language which states its ok to be profane and swear basically and banning people for that is wrongful termination of services and if there is a lawyer out there look into this I see a class-action lawsuit in the making also look into the people who got banned for a glitch/exploit where they were able to buy stuff low and sell high, how thats wrong when its the game makers fault. Look at it like this if its ok for them to put a game out before its ready for the greed of getting our money then they need to accept whatever glitches get used and not ban them when its your greed again that led to the glitch/exploit being used and I bet most didnt know it was an exploit especially if they never played an MMO before so that if I leave my car unlock says you can steal it is not the same and shame on you. There are filters in place to make sure the game is neutral so unless someone hacks the game there shouldnt be any banning and those that call for it should be banned at the stuff they say to those people who feel wronged. It offends me that a person can name call and get nasty because they say why was I banned for my name when it got through the filter. So to those that dont believe me read the comments on this post and you shall see. Again we who are banned for name violations and chat, glitch/exploit should find a lawyer and get compensated for wrongful termination of services again I repeat it so it sticks its unfair and it shouldnt be allowed and if Arenanet/NCSoft wants to not only put a game out that isnt ready for greed or that they arent happy with their filters and punish us they need to be made an example of like they did by posting chat conversations on people over the internet so everyone can read, why since they have a filter to block that if you are offended by that language have it on. I think posting chat is a violation of our rights as well. I finish by saying read the posts of the people who agree with Arenanet/NCSoft and see how they talk to me but again as long as you agree then its ok with them. I want us to send a message to all gaming companys we are tired of getting the shaft and we arent taking it anymore.

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    ArenaNet's policies are quite clear; you agree to follow them and can have your account terminated if you don't. This doesn't seem like a discussion, more like a rant because you were banned for something. I'd suggest contacting customer support if you disagree with their decision, but I'm going to close this as I don't see it being constructive.

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