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    [A] Balance // Grim Batol - 10 Man - 12/16 Hard LFM

    Website: http://balance-guild.eu/?bal=home
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BalanceGuild
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BalanceGuild
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/BalanceGuild

    About us

    Balance is a top raiding guild in World of Warcraft. Created in May 2005, the guild has an impressive string of accomplishments to its name, and one of few guild that can claim to have raided under the same banner for 8 years.

    Having raided 25 man content since its introduction, we definitively decided to end this format before Xmas of 2012 to rebuild and relaunch the guild as a 10 man guild focusing on HM progression.

    The guilds core is comprised of veterans of the game, all of which have played the game since it launch in 2005, but who are no longer able to dedicate the required time fighting for top world ranks.


    To clear all HM 10 man content while it is relevant, not exceeding the raiding schedule and without compromising on the quality of the raids.

    At the same time HAVING A LAUGH! in a great community of veteran players that has room for every element of the game, from PvP to Pet Battles!

    Raiding Schedule

    We aim to have a semi-hardcore raiding schedule, that focuses on quality raiding instead of quantity. This schedule will not be exceeded during progression

    Wednesday: 8pm - 12pm
    Thursday: 8pm - 12pm
    Sunday: 8pm - 12pm
    Monday: 8pm - 12pm
    Tuesday: 8pm - 12pm


    Being server 1st on Grim Batol on 90% of the content since 2005 and up until DeathWing

    Balance had its most highly ranked period in ICC averaging world #25 and most of the players active today, took part in this period of the guilds history.

    Classes we Looking for :

    1 x Boomkin
    1 x Hunter
    1 x Rogue
    1 X Monk ( Windwalker )
    1 x healer ( Priest / Shaman )

    Note : Always looking for skilled players of any class , if you are good in this game , you are more then welcome no matter what specc or class you coming with .

    Things we expect from you:

    * Progression on new content is your primary reason for playing the game.
    * Be punctual in showing up for raids - we are a small group and we aim for quality.
    * Be mature both in age and attitude.
    * Able to keep a high attendance.
    * Able to function in an environment of constructive criticism and to take part in the discussion.
    * Rock solid connection and pc, even if you do 500000 dps or hps being offline doesn't help anyone.
    * Microphone - we have a relaxed and fun atmosphere in raids
    * Be an exceptional player regardless of class, able to understand fights quickly, avoid any kind of raid damage easily, give feedback on boss tactics and quickly gather information required to maximize your own, and the raid's, performance on a certain fight.
    * Be an exceptional player, able to play all specs of your class at the same high level (having a small player base we respec a lot to fill the needs of certain fights; and sometimes utilize alts).

    Things that may help your application:

    * WWS / WMO / Stasis parses.
    * High end raiding experience.
    * Gear to match your current raiding experience.
    * In the case of rerollers, make sure to give us information about your previous character(s).
    * Effort in writing your application. Applications with a couple of lines will simply be declined right away, if you can’t write a decent well thought out application, don’t bother applying.


    If you have any other questions please contact any of the following Balance Officers:

    - Grizzi
    - Cless
    - Djingis
    - Hawt
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