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    [H] <Been There Downed That> US #32 10 Man 16/16 HM LF Tank for Immediate Spot

    10m US-32nd ranked <Been There Downed That>

    What we need:
    Prot Warrior (viable dps offspec when needed)
    Parsing Lock

    However any and all exceptional tank applications with logs to prove it are welcome.

    Current Achievements:

    16/16 HM

    Realm First Heroic Will of the Emperor
    Realm First Heroic Grand Empress
    Realm First Heroic Sha of Fear

    <Been There Downed That> Is a 10 Man guild that started out cata strong with a t11 rank of US16th before disbanding. 5 of our top players and leaders came back together on US-Exodar raiding 4 days a week. 9-12 EST Mon-Thurs

    We are looking for a top caliber tank who know their class inside and out and have extensive hard mode raiding experience.

    Visit www.beentheredownedthat.com to apply or contact me by:
    Email & Real ID: [email protected]
    Battle Tag: NuggeT#1893
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    Still looking for a Prot Warrior

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    This guild any good?

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    Updated for Monday Morning! Where mah tanks at.

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    Updated for current needs

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    Updated for current class needs

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