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    Sellouts and cowards

    you locked my topic - with some lame excuse about it being a welll thought out quit thread.. what is the matter with you people? you use to be all about gaming, and unafraid if people didn't agree with you or had a negative or strong negative feelings about gaming.

    yet you lock every post that seems to breed controversy or point out flaws about warcraft !!


    because mmo-champion depends on the dole and endorsements, not to mention fan circus of warcraft. Warcraft goes down, mmo goes down and the revenue is lost, so you kill every topic that might not go according to plan or that doesn't sing the praises of warcraft?

    pathetic, sell outs. You use to find decent gaming sites, where people could say what they wanted without being undeservedly vulgar or crass, and every topic taken on its merit, but when my topic is locked, especially since i've been posting on here long before the 2008 date on this account, i call you and name you sell outs and cowards, that care more about your pockets than you do about gaming or the gamers. Than you care about integrity.

    you're epitomsiing everything tha'ts wrong and horrible about the internet. How very disappointing. Has everyone online sold out ? or just hte big sites. I thinks it's just the big sites.. and with that i bid you farwell, if you guys have no idea what i'm talking aobut.


    quit thread? moan thread? call it what you may, i didn't like certain things about wow that were really bad, and i made a post about them. The moderators don't like it because it shows the flaws in wow, so they lock it. sure it's their right to do so, but it shows exactly where their heart lies, and what interests they have. and it's not about the integrity of gaming at all, or that thread will still be open. no it's about playing to sycophants and getting you more engrossed in a product so their pockets get lined, so they kill every topic that does not paint wow in a good light.

    sell outs

    cowards !

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    This is going to go well. o_o

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    Just stop playing and do something else with your time.

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    I think it has more to do with we have these kinds of threads everyday more than one of them, all saying the same things, theres not much to discuss once you've said all there is. The best way to deal with your complaints is to tell blizzard when you cancel your sub.

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    we have few topics like yours everyday, do you really think you made some mindlowing observations about WoW?

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    Feel free to send any moderation complaints to an admin, such as Sunshine. Venting about it here isn't the right tactic.

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