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    How many VP should you go into next patch with

    So VP's are NOT getting reset, Item upgrade vendor is getting removed. There will be new VP items available through raid reputation.

    The question is, does anyone know how long it will take to get the required reputation for the first VP items? If it is longer than a week, then surely it would be best to upgrade an item and go into the first week with 2k VP, or even 1k VP?

    I dont play PTR so not sure if this has even been tested? Does anyone know?

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    according to a blue post 1st boss will take you to friendly so i plan to go in with 3k

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    friendly=ring, bracer, trinket

    I plan to get the ring and bracers first week (2500 vp total) so at least 1500 vp for me, still want to upgrade the trinket I just got and the neck & cloak lack crit for me as warrior. Trash up to 2999/3000 friendly 1 boss kill for friendly and I expect 12-20 bosskills for honored. The trinket is nice too but not as good as the raiddrops so maybe if 5.2 is a week later I save some more vp else I just get it if the other trinkets don't drop.
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    You should go in with 3000 Valor, buy the neck immediatly and then see what you need once you get to friendly.

    That's my plan at least, I think it is the optimal way of doing it.

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    If you go into the next patch with 3k valor and you find yourself with nothing to spend them on, you could always just buy blood spirits for 400 valor at the valor vendor.

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    3k too and buy ring/neck

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    No reason not to go into the patch with 3k.

    I'm going to buy the neck immediately, we'll run through ToT and see what drops, then I'll probably get the ring and bracers (if I haven't gotten a bracers drop. two ring drops feels absurdly optimistic). The raid drops are slightly better itemized and don't cost me anything but a possible charm. Trinket looks nice and I know how frustrating waiting out a trinket drop can be, so that's high on my list.

    It really depends on how far into normals my guild gets on the first week. I'll spend more valor points if we hit a brick wall on the first night and I identify myself as part of the problem.

    There's the question for the original poster - how confident are you that your group can do a full clear of normal in the first few weeks? If you're not that advanced, then going in with 1500 probably works OK for you and you'll earn VP fast enough to spend them.
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    Is it confirmed that the reputation starts at neutral?

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    I'd say go in with no less than 2k.
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    as close to 3k as you can without wasting valor

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    3,000. Valor Points are not being reset this time round, so I'll be getting my 3,000 Valor Points, so that I can buy some upgrades day #1.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    I'd rather upgrade my HC pieces rather than saving valor for 496 i lvl items, if you have access to hc pieces that is.

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    Shado-Pan Assault items are 522, not 496. The stuff you get from opening Isle of the Thunder King is 496.

    Agility neck you can buy for 1250 at neutral.

    Here's his whole list:

    Because of itemization spreads and oddities with upgrading some 517 (tier 14 upgraded 2x) items are better than 522 items. But for most people, buying a Shado-Pan Assault item will be a better use of valor points than upgrading existing gear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckgirl View Post
    Is it confirmed that the reputation starts at neutral?
    Dont they all lol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ergar View Post
    Dont they all lol?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ergar View Post
    Dont they all lol?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DisposableHero View Post
    Sons of Hodir

    Damn character limit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felix014 View Post
    I'd rather upgrade my HC pieces rather than saving valor for 496 i lvl items, if you have access to hc pieces that is.
    the pieces from the rep are 522.....

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    I probably be as close as possible to 3000 since old VP items get a price reduction I I guess I shall also buy the odd that I so far didn't get first.

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    probally with 3k valor and then buy the first upgrade on that day so i can easily farm the 1k valor for that week so i can buy a 2nd friendly upgrade also.

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