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    That one Orc Warrior

    For those of you who haven't read it yet.
    I bring to you, the number one post of the year.

    First of all, a little background:

    In South Korea, World of Warcraft's popularity has been certainly waning down. It is nowhere to be found in Top 10 game rankings in terms of usage in PC cafes, and it is a well-known fact that most of the servers are suffering from severe lack of populations. Other games such as League of Legends have been rapidly growing, and Mists of Pandaria expansion did not help much; if it did not hurt in fact.

    Some Korean WoW players have pointed out that one of the factors for such decrease in player number could be that Korean players are getting too competitive and hard-hearted. I am not 100% sure about this, but their servers seem to have different lockouts for 10 mans and 25 mans, and I think, at one point, their servers were resetting every 3-4 days, which give them more chances to raid. Such changes have forced many Korean players to be as hardcore as they can be, leaving no room to breathe and forgive others for their mistakes. Many new players, especially people who just started playing WoW (surprisingly), could not adapt to such situations because no one would help them understand the game better. And the whole community was getting more elitist in general, with most of the players playing from the original WoW, since WoW has been around almost 10 years. And the whole topic of 'bullying' and 'cyber-bullying' has been a major issue in a Korean society.

    Then THIS happened.

    Original post in "Inven" community (in Korean language): http://www.inven.co.kr/board/powerbb...e_idx=4&l=2933

    There have been thousands of replies and reactions to this incident, and apparently there have been visible changes in servers, and the whole community have asked themselves: What happened to the good ol' WoW we enjoyed?

    Below is my translation of the whole incident and several posts related to it. Not perfectly literal translation though.


    Thread: He needed attention and help... The story of Zul'jin server 'outcast' warrior.

    In the afternoon of February 3rd, a player who identified himself as a PUG raid leader/organizer of Zul'jin server posted a thread titled "Zul'jin server outcast", and it has been the hottest topic in the Korean WoW community.

    Below is the thread:
    ^ Not the whole thread, can't give you the whole thread here, you'll have to go there yourself ;D

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    someone here already post about it

    but it doesnt change the fact that its a trully nice story
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    Hmm, Definately know the feel, mate. Very, very nice story..-----however to be fair, the MMO market was only big in Korea from 1990-2000 (Good MMO's anyways, not AEON or some crap like that ). ..Korea's into RTS's now (or Dota/LoL in this case) ---as we all know---StarCraft!
    Howay the lads!

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