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    Don't treat girl like some goddess and you're fine. That's the most common mistake guys make.

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    internet is your friend.

    no rlly it is

    or do just as almost every1 pointed out. GO talk to them. and ye be honest most normal girls respect that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Right..but it kinda is the off topic you get infracted by going off topic in the off topic forum? Wouldn't we rather risk getting infracted for staying on topic? It is a great mystery and I dare risk an infraction for asking this....
    The "off topic" in the name of the forum refers to the fact that this forum is for anything not related to WoW, computers, other games, and all of those things for which we have other off topic forums. "Posting off topic" refers to posting that doesn't contribute absolutely anything to the discussion, doesn't answer the OP's question, or is a classical case of spam.

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    We have a relationship chat thread:

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