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    If you send it to her work, she will get a lot of questions about who the guy is and what is going on with her dating life. So if you think she is OK with that then go ahead. Also be prepared that she might take this as a sign that you want to date her.

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    Mwhoa, why would it be a bad idea? I mean, it's a friendly gesture and if it's not too much looking like "I love you" it's cool.

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    Flowers for friends are fine on Valentine's Day, I will probably do this myself this year (and not get my wife anything). For people who take every gift as a serious sign of romance on Valentine's Day, most of them also understand that a flower that is neither rose nor red is not meant to be a sex proposition.

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    Haha I asked mainly out of curiosity. But yes, totally avoided the red roses and normal stuff, just sent some green, orange, and yellow and a joke card so she got something. She's a great person and just deserves something nice for all the hard work she does.

    If she finds it awkward she'll tell me, but we're more open than to just all the sudden start acting strange.

    As for the friend zone thing? I'm past the age where every girl I see is a potential hook-up haha. I can be just a friend with someone I've known my whole life and be perfectly down with it. We've been that way for awhile.

    Thank you for all the input MMO-fos!

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