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    Share your MoP loot experiences

    It's interesting to see what people have to suffer through or gain in terms of winning loot for your class. I want all of you to share your painful loot experiences this expansion or your great luck in gearing up your character. Hopefully everyone can have a laugh (together or at someone) and make themselves feel better that not everyone is having gear troubles. You can also include things like corrupt loot masters, or random BoE epic drops!

    For myself, I've had blue gloves that I haven't been able to replace since Launch, and I'm 10/16 HC lol

    What about you guys?

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    Well, for the longest time I kept complaining to my guild that my 496 BoE bracers weren't dropping, so I would always grumble under my breath after clearing HoF. However, the week we started doing MV heroic, my heroic bracers, boots, and ring all dropped (all of which I got of course). Raiders were all "great, MORE agi mail." And my guild leader just complains that he still hasn't gotten his sha-touched dagger :P

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    ToES Protectors Mail agi shoulders haven't dropped (Saying protectors and shoulders feel like I'm saying the tier, not the case). Lei Shi drops the Gun 2 weeks in a row for my Hunter buddy and I. Zero sha-touched daggers for our rogues. Empress dropped one fist weapon for our 6-7 capable users.
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    We have the leather shoulders drop from HEmpress every. single. week. Sometimes more than one pair.

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    In the simplest terms, my mop loot experience has been:

    and maybe one or two "oh, nice" pieces. In fact after running last 3 bosses tonight, I was thinking....I worked all week to get coins, then they were gone in 3 bosses, not one useful item...for several weeks in a row, and NO vendors have nothing for me now, so very disapointing for about a month straight.
    It's enough to make a guy rage-log and kick rocks.
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    Since i raid 10 man, the painful loot situation replays itself each tier of raiding. Clear content for weeks, waiting for the item(s) to drop, still doesn't, same tier item repeatedly dropping that no one in the raid team needs anymore, not even for offspecs (Normally Mage/druid/rogue/ tier token for us).

    Though worst part in MoP is about 4-5 weeks worth of elder charms bonus rolls returning just gold. I realize its just another 'shot' at loot, but its pretty disheartening all the same.
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    Been farming Scholomance for the strength trinket the last boss drops for weeks, It do finally drop at the time and some rogue with epic trinkets decide to need it. I was so angry I had to take a walk..
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    I have to say, after coming back to MoP after a very long break of about 8 months, I've been extremely lucky with loot so far. I levelled with a buddy, and we joined a raiding guild together, and have been running dungeons/LFR since hitting 90. I feel bad for him, as he's gotten maybe 3-4 drops in almost 3 weeks, where as I'm practically fully geared now.

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    We have never ever seen the Gara'Jal shield, killing him since like week 2 of MSV.

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    Okay let's start! Current Progress is: 16/16 normal, 3x Stone Guards HC, 2x Feng HC, 1x Gara'jal HC, 1x Elegon HC (Elegon just yesterday).
    I'm a Warrior Tank.

    I ran around with the blue Hozen-Slicer for months. I always hoped for Elegion Normal or even LFR. Haven't seen ANY Elegion drops until now.
    Amber Shaper LFR also waited at least a month (also used a coin there every time) to drop his Sword on LFR.

    Right now, I'm waiting for 496 Kilrak (bonus socket would be ready, but no Sha-weapon yet) OR 502 Elegion since we downed Elegon HC yesterday.

    I was lucky, got Qiang's Shield on our first kill. Used the coin. It dropped again the next week for our pally tank.

    The Sha of Anger was friendly to me and dropped both the tank hand- and legguards within two months.
    LFR: Chest 3x, Shoulders 2x, Gauntlets 0x, Legs 0x, Helmet 2x.
    Normal: Protector isn't rare. Passed some pieces to other classes until I realized I should get the 4pc bonus and then took ("took" because the Hunters and the Shaman already got them) the Shoulders and equipped 483 Chest for 4pc. The Protector Helm did also drop more than once in 4 kills; got it.

    Well I got Relic of Niuzao so that's not a big deal for this slot.
    2nd Trinket: Elegon's trinket dropped on our first kill I think. Tsulong also dropped it in the first kill (equipped right now together with Relic). Elegon Heroic yesterday dropped the 502 vial, too. Pally won it with 96

    Elite & Heroic Loot
    I was very excited once we reached Terrace and started with MSV HC.
    1st Protector Kill: Gold bag for me, necklace with dodge/parry dropped, pally won.
    1st Stone Guard HC Kill: Gold bag for me, no tank loot, str boots dropped for our Fury Warrior.
    2nd Protector Kill: Gold bag for me, no tank loot.
    2nd Stone Guard HC Kill: Gold bag for me, no tank loot.
    (Feng HC no need, got 496 HoF trash bracers which I've upgraded twice)

    At this point, I was a little bit frustrated because my coins always yielded loot in LFR and Normal, but on Elite & Heroic they only gave 3x gold.
    But I knew it were only 2-3 weeks of Heroic & Elite and my time will come.

    Now this week my coins were really really spendable:
    Elite Protectors: won the hit/exp necklace via coin (it also dropped but I don't care^^)
    Heroic Stone Guards. Won the Tank Waist via coin, and I took the 502 Str-boots for tanking as I had 483 equipped. (reforged crit into hit)
    Heroic Gara'jal: only the boots may drop so I don't use the coin here yet)
    Heroic Elegon (just yesterday): The chance to get a useful item here is very high; Elegion, Vial, Ring. The coin rewarded me with the Ring. Hoped for Elegion but the ring is very nice, too.

    So after two weeks of 3x failbag, I just got 1x 503 and 2x 502 this week.
    I'm very happy I have to say and cannot complain now.

    Only thing pissing me off is my 483 scimitar.
    I'm looking forward to the next Elegon HC kills (Elegion please please) and I'll swap my Protector-coin to Blade Lord HC, which went to 15% in the 2nd attempt. Guess we'll kill him next lockout

    So my new coin-management is:
    Elegon HC
    Blade Lord HC
    3rd one for a weapon boss or Gara'jal for the boots I think

    Go my coins, keep being so kind to me XD
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    Empress Claw...oh empress claw...i will end this tier without a sha touched weapon.

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    My mage bought klaxxi VP belt as my first VP item on my mage. It's currently his only VP item.
    On the next VP reset, days after the 2 hr VP refund is over, he wins 3 different LFR belts in the same week (each from msv, toes and hof respectively).
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    Been running Terrace on my warrior since it came out; still haven't gotten the axe. I have the 1h sword, but no axe.

    The worst part is I KNOW that once I get my upgrade for finishing the 5.1 legendary chain (which at my rate will probably be when 5.2 hits), the damn axe will drop. :/

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    Have yet to win a single piece of gear from dungeons, and I leveled 3 characters so far...

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    I get pants from coin, boss drops my pants, the priest in the raid ALSO gets his pants from coin so I end up with both ret and prot tier pants in the same night. The next day I do sha, and I get MORE FUCKING PANTS! Similar thing happened with gloves, we've had to DE 2 of the tier gloves so far cause me and the priest already got them for both specs (priest is our DE, hence why we were able to shard tier).

    So...yeah, tier in my guild tends to drop anywhere between 2-4 of my tier before any other tier actually drops (I kid you not we didn't get any tier helms other than pally/priest/lock for 10 weeks straight while farming h-ds).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Revvo View Post
    We have the leather shoulders drop from HEmpress every. single. week. Sometimes more than one pair.
    Gief plz.

    For the most part I've actually been pretty lucky with drops... I got 2/5 T14 quite quickly thanks to the Sha of Anger, and I was able to complete my legendary quest very early on. My problem now though? I have a Heroic Gara'kal in my bags that I can't use because I need a normal mode Claw of Shek'zeer in my off hand for the sha-touched gem. Does Shek'zeer want to drop it, despite me using a coin every week? Lolnope.


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    Quote Originally Posted by crazed View Post
    It's interesting to see what people have to suffer through or gain in terms of winning loot for your class. I want all of you to share your painful loot experiences this expansion or your great luck in gearing up your character.
    About 4-5 of my heroic items come from Gold coins. I am quite lucky with loot this tier since my main is 502 ilvl and my DK alt is 497 ilvl. I am raiding mostly on my DK since our tank quit wow and hunters are crap at the moment.

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    I sometimes win items and mostly not. Kinda like loot has been over the last 7 years of sucked badly in Classic, before tokens and the introduction of an additional currency dropping (Justice, valor..whatever) - and elder charms for an extra roll

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    I'm running the LFR dungeons with my main since they opened (HoF three times a week) and have the legendary gem in my inventory for a loooong time - yet the sha-touched weapons still refuse to drop for me.
    My twink on the other hand has two of them >.>
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    Bought in the first week of mop the 483 pvp bracers.
    Killed Stoneguards HC 14times + used 14coins (Also killed him once normalmode).
    Well, atleast with 5.1 I could upgrade my bracers to 491 :>

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