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    I wouldn't say Jelly about that. People always complain about some of the stuff Blizzard does for KR/CH. What everyone seems to forget is that they don't pay for the game or a monthly 15 fee. They pay for gametime. So if 15 dollars pays for 60 hours of game time and they play that in 2 weeks because of the amount of raiding they do we actually have a better deal than they do.
    Thats not true.
    You only pay more in KR/CH when you play more than 8hours/day
    Its about 224hours/month

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    Now the question is, will KR 10 man T15 World Firsts with T14 25-man gear count? I can see KR 25 man guilds with 520+ ilvl switch to 10 man to faceroll the content next tier.

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    I really don't care how things go on their realms, my goal is to clear as much as possible heroics till 5.2.

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