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    Quote Originally Posted by halax View Post
    after about a year the buttons will break.
    yeah.. wait what?

    I have had mine for 2 years, it works fine.

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    Well, my razer naga epic broke down due to a defective battery, no question about it, after only a week or so. my razer from 2007 got the doubleclick sickness, but hey it hold for atleast 3 years with that.

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    I have a Naga Epic, and i can´t think how i would play ANY mmo without it!

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    I've got a Naga and its fantastic. Got it just over a year ago and it is still going strong. Only problem I have with it is that if it breaks and I'm left without these side buttons I won't be able to play properly because I use them for things like targetting.

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    I used to have a Razer keyboard but I have bad experience with Razer stuff. The quality of their periphals just doesn't seem premium.
    Only using Logitech's mice and they have superior customer service and longevity imo.
    I would definately go for G600 instead of the Naga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mican17 View Post
    How would you respond to one of comments earlier in this thread that talked about how the side buttons from the G600 were harder to click for him than those from the naga?
    I can kinda see why it might be a problem for some, and I wonder if it's related to hand size, because of the way the buttons are designed there's sort of a bump between the middle row of buttons. Also the pad is a little bit longer than on the Naga, so I could see how that plus the bump could make it a little more difficult if you had short thumbs.

    The way the buttons are designed on the G600 also make it so much easier to recognize what key your thumb is on though.

    It doesn't seem like the side buttons between the mouses take more pressure to push, nothing that I can notice by just pushing them side by side at least.

    Thinking about it I can't decide if I like the Naga or the G600 side buttons more. The buttons feel and push completely different, and I've been using the Naga for so much longer that I'm still more use to that.

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    ^Thanks. That's the answer I was looking for. I'll probably go with the G600 then.

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    I would advise against getting the Naga. I bought one not even a year ago and zapped it by accident. Luckily Amazon (<3) replaced it. Worked fine for about 4 months before the left mouse button went on it (which is weird cause I PvP and bind anything and everything and don't click but for targets). 9 of 12 buttons are totally useless cause of the awkward positioning on them. I bought a Logitech G700 and popped an ebone. Thing is amazing. I recommend that a million times before that gimmick POS.

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    i used a naga for like two days,it seemed like a good mouse but it was to small for my hands.after playing on it for a bit my hand would cramp because it so small.i heard the Logitech G700 is bigger and better for people with bigger hands.

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    So far I noticed noone mentioned any Roccat products, do they worth anything at all? I have a friend who is a big fan of Roccat and its products. Any thoughts?

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    Completely worth it imo. I've used one for a couple years now and I can't live without it haha

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    I've had mine for 2 years now. It still works perfectly, I don't know why people say it'll break. If you handle it correctly it'll be fine... I can't play without it anymore, helps a lot

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    I've had my Naga for about 2 years now. Haven't had ANY problems with it. Just make sure you take care of it (don't smash it when you lose a battleground, etc).

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    I havnt read this whole thread but if nobody has mentioned the logitech g13 it deserves a look. Its kind of tuff to get used to, but once you do the number of comfy keybinds is awesome.

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    Being constructive feels good. You should try it.

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    Going on a year with my Naga and perfectly pleased.

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    Pros: lots of buttons

    Cons: too light, buttons too hard to push, no free scroll option

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    100% worth it started back in wrath was a clicker all through cata got the naga and got pro i can not put into words how much i think of the naga all i can say is the faster you get it the faster you get 100x's better at the game

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    I bought a Razor Naga. It IS worth it imo. Never looked back since I got mine.

    I bought the Molten Edition, and it broke on me within 6 months.

    I replaced it with a normal blue edition one, and I've have it for about 2+ years. Still working fine.

    Just make sure you get warranty basically!

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    To be honest I don't get people who say "razer mouses break in 6 months blablabla"
    I own this naga molten for like 7 months now and it is problem free, works great and as a PvP'ing feral I need the buttons as I have EVERYTHING keybound -only unbound thing on my screen is mount-

    But I'm not a rager, I don't throw my mouse away or punch it or whatnot. Some people tend to crash their stuff onto the floor and expect them to work. I don't do that. It looks nice, it is handy, I tried g600 and I think it's dogshit -seriously, those keys are a pain in the butt, really unconfortable- I wouldn't recommend it. But I do think razer stuff is overpriced, I wouldn't get a Razer keyboard but the mouse is somewhere close to "worth it"

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    Love my naga epic. I am now saving up for this monster:

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