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    Gnome a viable PVP race?

    It's as the title says

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    yea nomes r small n peepl cant see u u no liek dem cant target u so be4 dey target u u kill em n dey ded be4 dey no it

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    Gnome+noggenfogger = quit life. you can't see those small bastards... as tauren, it's sad.
    Lagg dosen't exist. Only bad Internetz...
    Paladins isent OP Blizz just made all ohter classes weaker.

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    Every race is viable for PvP...

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    Gnome top race eu

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    The escape was valued by a few classes in the far off past. Now, there are far too many ways to get out of snares as is and most snares can be reapplied too easily. Comparing it against EMFH is laughable. Shadowmeld, stoneskin, and worgen speed all flaunt above it as well.

    The most useful situation I can think of for it is against mages. If you react fast enough, it's a get out of shadow combo free card. But you would have to hit it right before the mage hits his deep freeze and since that's off the global cooldown, you would have to be very quick.

    It is a perfectly viable choice, but as far as min maxing goes gnome racials have no place in PVP.
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    Same as before, stop creating pointless threads just to make them.

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